TNA Should Die Already.

Kyle MoCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2010


TNA Should Die Already



For some reason writing about WWF 1999 made me want to do this article. The only difference between WWF circa 1999 and TNA circa 2010 is fans actually watched WWF circa 1999.


The funniest thing about TNA is they live off their ratings, but haven’t changed much since 2006. You can predict almost every TNA rating week-to-week on the dot.


In 2006, they were getting 1.0s. Now about, eh, let’s say 20 million dollars later on ex WWE, WCW, and ECW talent, they are getting a .9.


However, at least their buy-rates are up from 2006. Oh, wait, never mind, they are approximately down ten-percent.


This company is a joke, but an unfunny joke, alright, yeah, it’s a bit funny to see some bimbo, who has no idea what she’s doing, run a company with Hogan, Bischoff, and Vince Russo leading the way.


Hulk Hogan knows nothing about running a wrestling company other than receiving creative control and putting himself on top. He says that he helped Vince McMahon Jr. run his company in the 80s, but that’s one of his lies.


Hulk Hogan is useless in my eyes. He isn’t the greatest wrestler of all time; he’s the greatest marketed wrestler of all time at the right place and right time.


Eric Bischoff was a third-string announcer, who dodged being fired on a few occasions because of his contract. After Bill Watts left in 1993, for some reason, WCW, being as dumb as they were, hired Eric Bischoff, manly because he had a resume that stated he was a game show host, which they thought, being as dumb as they were, mingled with wrestling. Plenty of fans also think Bischoff walked in the door in 1996 head of the company and they just boomed.


That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Eric Bischoff, as the head of the booking team (or whatever you want to call it), lost millions and millions of dollars in 1993, 1994, and 1995.


Then in 1996, 1997, and 1998 WCW actually made a profit, but in 1999, he lost about nine million dollars in three months. Like Jim Cornette says, Eric Bischoff had two good years out of twenty.


Seriously, what makes Bischoff a genius? I mean, people have said it, so I like to hear someone explain it to me.


Sure, I’ll give him the fact that he turned WCW around for three years and made them the best company in America for that time, but the only reason he did it was because he stole Vince’s talent, he was able to convince Ted Turner to go on Mondays, he had better production values, and more money to spend, which wasn’t his, than WWF.


Furthermore, although Bischoff would hate to admit this, the Outsiders coming into WCW helped WCW get their first ratings win over WWF, not the nWo. The nWo did help WCW, though.


I’m not denying that, but Bischoff loved to deny that he got the angle from Japan. And that he had a lot of writers for him, like Sullivan, Terry Taylor, and others writing the shows, not him.


Now onto Vince Russo, the biggest hack in wrestling. How could you ever be so brainless to hire Vince Russo, the man who lost WCW sixty million dollars?


I wish someone could explain it to me, and I bet others would love to know the reasons behind Vince Russo having a job in TNA.


Even the diehard TNA fans, which seem to be getting less and less by the day (thank God), do not like Vince Russo. Nobody, except Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and the brainless man who hired Vince Russo—Jeff Jarrett like Vince Russo.


Vince Russo has done nothing but bad for TNA, yet they don’t fire him. He’s even said he wanted to leave the company, but for some reason, every single time it seems like he’s going to be let go, he doesn’t leave.


Even if Russo leaves, does it matter anymore? You have Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan there for another two years apparently, so seriously does it matter?


The only small amount of hope a TNA fan ever had for them to improve was Paul Heyman. Anyone who was smart knew Paul Heyman wasn’t going to come to TNA, but it was the best rumor a TNA fan could ever hear.


The saddest thing about this is there could be some smart wrestling fan out there who would love to book a show such as TNA, who could have all the degrees needed to do so, and could be so intelligent, but would never get the chance in TNA because Dixie Carter doesn’t know a good idea from a bad if the good idea hit her in the head.


She is the dumbest promoter I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some dumb ones, let me tell you. She goes by the ratings in order to know what's "good" or "bad"; any promoter who sits there and goes by ratings to see what is a good idea is a clueless moron.


She truly thinks that the old wrestlers draw more than the young talent. No silly, you just haven’t established your young talent for people to care about them.


If AJ Styles beat Hulk Hogan clean in the ring after building the match up for months on end, AND if they promoted and marketed it right, AJ Styles could be huge after that match.


But they never express how important the younger talent is, which is why people don’t care about them. It’s not rocket science, its common sense.


They buried the X-division, and then they think people don’t care as much about it anymore. Well, when you don’t give someone a reason to care about something, fans won’t care as much about it. 



They have no long-term plans; it’s all day after day. If something doesn’t work, we must get rid of it, not caring if it doesn’t make sense or is or isn’t serviceable to a story.


We must find something that works right away! With this logic and mindset, they aren’t going to grow, they are not going anywhere, and yes, they should just die and do everyone in that company a favor.


I hope this Florida rumor comes true so all TNA’s talent (talent meaning they have talent) can go there and be able to show off what they can do, not what TNA tells them to do.


Wrestlers such as Samoa Joe, who one could argue by looking at the numbers, which TNA loves to do, has out drew every single person on the roster in his big matches on PPV, and that’s counting Kurt Angle too.


TNA has so many problems that you can’t mention everyone. I’d have to watch every single Impact and go through segment-by-segment, write them down, and then tell you every single problem TNA has, something I never want to ever do.


Having hope for TNA died in 2007, which should’ve been the same year TNA died period. I doubt this company is making money; I don’t see how it’s possible.


I don’t believe their house shows and tours are making them any kind of profit. Last time I heard, the company was having some problems with money.



If TNA were great as they tell us, they wouldn’t want Paul Heyman to take over everything in the booking department as well as get involved with the stock.  



That spells out desperation to me. Letting Paul Heyman anywhere near your money, is asking for trouble.




TNA in a nutshell is trouble. They do nothing right, and it’s time to take them out to the woodshed. 

I've honestly never seen a company ran worse than TNA. WCW would give it a run of its money, but WCW had a Rise and Fall DVD.

TNA couldn't have a Rise and Fall DVD because there was no rise, its been a huge fall.



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