10 WWE Superstars Who Could Fall Into Funaki Mode

Tyler MayerContributor IAugust 22, 2010

Ten WWE Superstars Who Could Fall Into

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    Many of you must be asking yourself a simple question: What the heck is "Funaki Mode"? I like to use the term "Funaki Mode" as a substitute for long time jobber.

    There are the local jobbers that people like Umaga and Valdimir Kozlov battled to gain a repuation.

    After them, there are the wrestlers who are in "Funaki Mode," named after maybe the most well known long time jobber, Funaki.

    WWE tried to resurrect anything possible in Funaki with his "Kung Fu Naki" gimmick, but ultimately he was future endeavored.

    There are a few wrestlers today that are in Funaki Mode, including Gold Dust and "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

    Recently I looked at the WWE rosters and found 10 superstars that are in threat of falling into "Funaki Mode" by looking at their recent storylines and matches.

10) Primo Colon

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    Only a year ago Primo and Carlito were the Unified Tag Team Champions, and also an ideal duo. Closely knit brothers, Primo and Carlito seemed to have chemistry that little teams had at the time.

    After Carlito was released in May of 2010, Primo was stuck in the WWE Superstars limelight. Primo is the perfect example of a superstar about to go into "Funaki Mode".

    He does not have enough charisma to become a singles wrestler, and also, there are no current storylines that Primo could be added in, and there doesn't seem like there will be any in the near future.

    He has no choice for a tag partner and won't be as an effective tag partner as with Carlito.

    Soon, a few new RAW Superstars will be trying to make a name for himself, and Primo will be losing to them until he is future endeavored.

9) Mark Henry

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    Can you believe that Mark Henry has been in the WWE for 15 years? Over that span we have seen many different sides of Mark, both good and bad.

    After signing a 10-year contract with the WWE, Mark joined the likes of Farooq, Rock,  D'Lo Brown and The Godfather in the Nation of Domination.

    He then became the "Sexual Chocolate", getting involved with Chyna and become a self proclaimed ladies man. After spending time in OVW, Henry created his persona of the "World's Strongest Man", challenging people to strength challenges and becoming a legitimate contender.

    He then became face for the first time since Sexual Chocolate and teamed up with MVP, challenging for the Unified Tag Team Titles.

    Following an unsuccessful run for the titles, Henry became the pro for Lucky Cannon, who at the time this was written has been eliminated.

    So... Now what?

    Mark Henry has had almost half a dozen gimmicks and angles, and all them ran their course... So now what can the WWE do with Mark Henry.

    Henry can't fit into any of the major story lines due to his little mic skills, and he just had a tag team stint with MVP.

    Henry could certainly go into "Funaki Mode", becoming a jobber to the upcoming stars that need to beat some big names to get noticed.

    Henry could still be a big name, but he will never be another legit contender.

8) William Regal

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    Believe it or not, William Regal is only 42 years old. He looks maybe 60 years, if not more, and it seems like Regal has had the same gimmick for his whole career.

    The "classy" brawler from Blackpool, England has had many different angles. He has been the General Manager many times, formed unlikely tag teams with Eugene and Tajiri, and most recently has been an NXT Pro for Skip Sheffield.

    Unfortunately for Regal, he is already going into "Funaki Mode", as most of his matches are tag matches with Zack Ryder, and so far, they haven't been close to winning.

    Regal has never been a dynamic character and he won't be in this age. There are a few ways he can avoid this, however.

    If he is the leader behind Nexus, then his career will be saved, as well as if he is the General Manager.

    However if none of these occur, expect William Regal to become deep in "Funaki Mode" until he is future endeavored or taken off the air.

    Note: I picked this picture just because he looks insane.

7) Zack Ryder

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    Ryder started off his WWE career as Brett Major of the short lived tag team The Major Brothers. He then slid from under the ring and interfered at Armageddon, becoming known as Zack Ryder, but more so known as the Edge Heads.

    After the Familia broke up, Hawkins and Ryder won the tag team championships, only to lose them in their first title defense to #10 on the list Primo and Carlito. He was drafted to Smackdown and the duo broke up.

    After a short disappearance, Ryder returned to TV with short, spiked hair, glasses, a tan, and weird tights. He actually had some success in ECW, ending Tommy Dreamer's career and also challenging for the ECW from time to time.

    He was then moved to RAW when ECW ended, and was the NXT Pro of Titus O'Neil, who was the first man eliminated.

    Ryder has been teaming with William Regal, and hasn't been seen wrestling much since being an NXT Pro.

    Also, his gimmick just isn't main star material. Unless he is repackaged or put into some crazy tag team, I can only see Ryder going into "Funaki Mode."

6) Darren Young

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    Though we don't know what is going to happen to Darren Young now that he is out of the Nexus, one thing is for sure: He is not (currently) a main eventer, or a tag team partner or a mediocre singles star.

    If he doesn't get moved down to FCW (which many believe will happen), Young will instantly go into Funaki Mode and will job to some of the main stars and also the Nexus members.

    Hopefully, this won't be the case and he will soon be sent down to FCW, because Young is somewhat talented and they only need to repackage him and give him some more mic skills.

5) Chavo Guerrero

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    Chavo Guerrero came onto the scene in WCW, winning the Crusierweight Title but his fame came from the WWE.

    After a few gimmicks and being an "Invader" of WWE, Chavo became Kerwin White, a white (though he is Latino?" and rode around in a golf cart and was mainly a heel.

    After the passing of Eddy Guerrero, Chavo became what he is today: a cocky wrestler who trusts no one. Chavo's recent matches include WWE Superstars against Chris Masters and a feud with JTG.

    Chavo has won the ECW Title, Cruiserweight Title, and the Tag Team Titles, but now his character is frail and no one pays mind to old Chavito heat.

    He recently turned face by turning away from Vicki, and has had a small beef with JTG as I said earlier, but that is all that has changed.

    With no room for storylines and the Intercontinental Title constantly being determined between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler, it looks like Chavo could go into "Funaki Mode", unless he stays a Superstars stud and keep wrestling mediocre matches

4) Chris Masters

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    Chris Masters, at one point in his career, was a legit contender for the WWE Title. He has a really strong finisher in the Master Lock, and it wasn't broken for almost three years until Bobby Lashley powered out of the hold, but since he never broke out and Masters let go, the Master Lock is still unbroken.

    Masters and Carlito challenged for the Tag Titles, and Masters also challenged for the Intercontinental Title. However, he never won a title.

    In today's WWE, I still don't see Masters being a title holder. Unless he can find a tag team partner, which would most likely benefit him, he will be put into "Funaki Mode" and continuously lose to some big names, and some small names.

    You have to feel bad for Masters; a good move set, decent mic skills, and a powerful look. However, he will not fit into WWE's current plans with any titles.

3) JTG, and 2) Shad Gaspard

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    I decided to put JTG and Shad into one slide because even though they are no longer a tag team, I still can't talk about JTG without mention Shad, and vice versa.

    These two came on the scene when there were a lot of solid tag teams entering the WWE. The Highlanders, Spirit Squad, Duggan and Eugene, and Cryme Tyme all came into the WWE at around the same time.

    Even though Cryme Tyme never won a tag team title, they were still the most popular of the tag team division on RAW. Even though they never won gold, Cryme Tyme was the last of the tag teams named to disperse, and at that, both are still under contract.

    After some conflict, Shad and JTG ended their team, and both are trying to have success in singles action. However, I don't see both men doing anything in singles. JTG is just a dude jumping around and rapping.

    Shad, I haven't seen since he said it was "His Time"... Well it isn't.

    Shad is not gonna do anything except go into Funaki Mode or be future endeavored. JTG on the other hand is wrestling on Superstars and I have seen him on some SD! Episodes. However, he really doesn't have anything going for him other than that.

    Also, he needs to keep the dreads or he looks like a fool.

1) Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

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    Of the 10 I named in this sad list, this must be the saddest one of them all. I remember the hype WWE was building for MVP, saying he was signing the most lucrative deal in WWE History.

    He lived up to the hype he garnered, becoming the longest reigning United States Champion, as well as a tag team champion. He also tried to win the tag titles with Mark Henry, but was unable to do so.

    MVP shows so much upside as a heel, I don't understand why the WWE made him a good guy. He was cocky, witty, cheap, able to do anything to win.

    He is a bright star in the WWE and is better than jobbing to the Nexus and other various stars at the moment. But the way things are going for him, he could look to be going into "Funaki Mode", forever using his past success as a resume for other upcoming stars.

    The thing is with MVP is that he could be a great main eventer. He has the charisma, skill, and reputation to become a main star.

    He once began to be a main event kind of guy, but he was seemingly pushed down.

    Now, he is in danger of forever being a jobber like Funaki, unless he can do something with a title in the near future.


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    All of these superstars were once like Funaki; they had past success (Funaki won the Cruiserweight Title and Hardcore Title), and charisma (Come on, who didn't like Funaki?), but eventually their gimmick fell flat.

    No one cares about how strong Mark Henry is, or how Regal is a former bare knuckle fighter.

    Eventually, Funaki was just too boring to watch over and over, and his gimmick, (Kung Fu included), was tiresome to everyone.

    Like Funaki, hopefully everyone on this list will get one more chance like they gave Funaki (The Kung Fu Naki) gimmick.

    But until them, they will be in danger of going into "Funaki Mode."


    Honorable Mentions:

    Evan Borne- Hasn't been in the main scene for a long time
    Yoshi Tatsu- I haven't seen him on TV in forever
    Christian- Doubtful, but not being used to full potential.