Fantasy Football: Seven Reasons You Should Draft a Rookie RB

John MatheosContributor IIAugust 26, 2010

Fantasy Football: Seven Reasons You Should Draft a Rookie RB

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    Rookie running backs over the years have had their fair share of struggles. With the NFL teams shifting to a two running-back system, I've noticed that these young prospects hardly get a chance to shine.

    Nonetheless, through the struggle of being ignored, there comes a time where a prominent player is remarked.

    I'm here today to unveil the benefits of drafting a rookie running back for your fantasy league.


7. Durability

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    When fantasy owners draft a rookie running back, one of the greatest advantages an owner may see is their durability.

    The fact that these freshmen have minimal injuries gives praise that they will last for a substantial time on your team.

    In contrast, if an owner purchases a veteran running back, the chances of getting injured frequently is very likely.

6. Longevity

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    To all fantasy owners, when drafting a rookie running back, you must keep in mind that if the running back turns out to be a star, you will reap his rewards for many years.

    For instance, Marcus Allen played for 16 seasons.

    Wow, that's a lot of years as a running back. Can you imagine the impact that he must of had on some fantasy teams.

5. Mileage

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    Drafting a rookie running back has its perks. For one, you can get a substantial amount of mileage from them. They have fresh legs that can incur a lot of ground and pound.

    Emmitt Smith proved what value he had to fantasy owners from the beginning of his career. He accumulated an abundance of points throughout his career.

    Smith averaged 81 yards rushing per game.

    In his 13 years of playing football he racked up a total of 18,355 yards rushing. Do you know what that equals for fantasy points?

4. Value

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    There's nothing better than acquiring a rookie running back that can turn into a star. Think of it this way, if you land a superstar halfback, the rewards are limitless.

    For one, you can use his services for a few years and then trade him in his peak for a first-round draft pick.

    Secondly, running backs are the backbone of every fantasy team, drafting a successful one will lead any owner towards a championship.

3. Workhorse

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    Running backs are the nucleus to every fantasy owners football team. With that said, imagine you attain a young halfback that can supply you with an enormous amount of points throughout the season.

    Running backs take steady abuse throughout their careers, every week they place their helmets on and take a considerable amount of punishment.

    Furthermore, the younger the competitor the better. These rookies coming out of college have something to prove. They enter the NFL with fresh legs and determined minds. Not only will they provide fantasy owners with big points, but they will take a beating with a less likely chance of injury.

2. Handcuffing Running Backs

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    There's nothing better then drafting a rookie running back for this specific reason. Handcuffing running backs is the most important part of fantasy football.

    With that said, most rookies watch from the sidelines in their first few years. If the starting running back gets injured, the chance of your rookie running back starting is extremely likely.

    We've seen this happen throughout the league. For example, Brian Westbrook was injured, this gave way to LeSean McCoy.

    Moreover, Priest Holmes was hurt which gave the opportunity to Larry Johnson.

    You get the picture?

1. Winning a Fantasy League Title

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    The final and most important reason why it is vital to obtain a rookie running back's services in a fantasy football league is championships.

    Running backs produce 50 percent of your points throughout a season. Drafting the half back at a young age will give your fantasy team a strong edge in accomplishing what every owner wants....championships!

    If you scan across some of the fantasy league around the web, you'll see that most fantasy franchises have attained success because of all the key fundamental tips I've provided you with.

    Take care and best of luck to all of you this season!