The "Lion Heart" Chris Jericho: A Underdog Who Clawed His Way to the Top

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 22, 2010

Last night I was sitting in front of the TV getting my tail kicked in ST4 ("Damn all you kens to hell!") as I was saying; I was laying the law down in st4.

All of a sudden I felt the urge to throw out my 2 cents on my favorite wrestler. I decided to come on here and Talk about Chris Jericho. Yes I know we have seen a billion carbon copy reads all over the web,so I just figured why the heck not make my thoughts known.

I have watched Y2J Chris Jericho, the king of Bling Bling, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, and as Y2J puts it "The living legend Chris Jericho" for 12 years now.

Also as a Jerichoholic, I can say that I see him starting to break down. Now I want all you to calm down, don't swear, or throw your mouse pads at the screen.

Please note I said starting to break down. Come on admit it its not the end of the world. He still has plenty of life left in those legs of his. All I am getting at is that he isn't as mobile compared to the late '90s.

I didn't write this to try to insult him. What I would like to talk about in fact, is what makes Chris Jericho so great. What makes him so special is because everyone loves a under dog.

I could go on about title runs and how he wrestled all over blah blah blah. Instead I would prefer not to; after all it has been talked about to death.

What I would prefer to talk his heart and determination. His willingness to always try and put on 5 star match. He also never has any trouble putting over a stiff or young guy, and make them look good in the process.

Chris Jericho didn't have the promoters that would really ever let him get where he could have gotten to early on in his career. He made his legendary status by hard work and never quitting.

Other than maybe Japan, Mexico, and ECW, he was always a little disrespected by the brass. At one point, he had a offer to be in the WWF as a Jobber; he turned it down.

When he went to WCW and was dumped into mid card almost Jobber land. Well, that wasn't good enough for him. He went on to make his own fame.

He cut his very own promos that set his career to a new level. Y2J's vintage Heel work is being copied by young wrestlers to current ones today.

It was too late for WCW by the time Eric Bischoff realized what he had. Vince snagged him away, and that was when I felt WCW was in trouble.

He went to the WWF in 1999, and although he had the fans in the palm of his hands, Y2J was always in that realm of almost upper-tier card level. His wins never came easy and they branded him for some time as the guy who would never win the big one.

In 2001, he finally did win the big one. It was his only major heavyweight run that really meant anything.

As champ, he was relegated to cleaning Stephanie McMahon's dog poop, and they made him look like a coward. That is not to say he didn't have good matches. In Jericho's prime, he was a spectacle in the ring.

Chris Jericho had many Classics over the years with the likes of Stone Cold, the Rock, HHH, Benoit, HBK, and some real five-star brawls with Angle just to name a few. It can be very well-argued that he has never gotten the respect he truly deserved.

He reminds you of one of those old-school gritty wrestlers. Jericho seems to just naturally know what to do or say in the ring.

Even today, as we see him he still shows his heart and pride that he puts in his character.

He raised his career status to a whole new level with his recent heel turn. Jericho has since ditched his goofy persona, and now is a full blown heel. He enrages the crowd to levels that I haven't seen in years.

This is just a testament to how dedicated Jericho is to himself and the business. If he does decide to stick around a few more years. He may just break into the legendary status of the Stone colds and the Rocks.

Chris Jericho the wrestler wont last forever. One of these days when he will decide to hang his boots up. When he does, he will leave a black hole that may never be filled.

Make no mistakes about it; Jericho has been one of the hardest working wrestlers over the last decade or so. A lot of fans take him for granted, unfortunately. That is why I choose to respect, admire, and appreciate his work now.

He may be then like a painter who has to die before he gets renowned. Maybe then will we truly appreciate "The Lion Heart " Chris Jericho.


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