Alabama Football: Monday Message Board 8/4

Nic GulasSenior Analyst IAugust 4, 2008

Hey Guys,

Well the dog days of Summer are over and it is now officially football season.  The team took the field today for their fourth practice, third as a complete team. 

As for Fan Day yesterday, some of the highlights I saw while watching practice...

  • One, it was just fun to actually watch a Nick Saban-led team practice, since it is one of the most rare things in college football.
  • A player that continually caught my attention, at least, was Alfred McCullough on the defensive line.  I continually looked down at my sheet drill after drill to see who number 52 was.  I would put him as someone to watch out for this season as a sleeper for the defensive line.
  • Terrance Cody is huge.  In one drill, he broke through the offensive line and picked up the running back in wrap-up drills.  He was one of many freshmen getting multiple reps at defensive line.
  • Julio Jones and B.J. Scott are the real deal.  They were not afraid to go after any ball and at least got a hand on everything thrown their way.
  • Star Jackson and Greg McElroy look to already be battling for the second string position.  Both guys got an even amount of reps behind JPW.
  • John Parker Wilson seems more assured of himself as a quarterback.  His throws had more zip and he was stepping into the balls a lot more than he normally did. 

Of course this is all just practice, but they were some good things that caught my eye.

Ok, on to this week's topic.

After looking back and discussing the history of Alabama Football, its time for the season, so this month will be all about the present. 

This season, the Alabama home schedule is not exactly the greatest if you are a student.  Games against Arkansas St., Tulane, and Western Kentucky aren't exactly the most appealing games.

However, as Bama fans learned last year, every game is important. 

So, this week's topic is: Besides Auburn, which home game is the most important game this season?

There are still some pretty important conference games if Alabama has any plans to improve on last year's record, and no slips can happen in the out of conference games either. 

So, as always, you can leave a comment below or write an article as to why your choice is what it is. 

That's all for this week guys.  Kickoff is just 26 days away!!!!




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