Why Daniel Bryan Winning The U.S Title From The Miz Is a Good Idea

Travis SmithAnalyst IIAugust 22, 2010

Daniel Bryan has been wrestling for many years now on the Indy's and in Ring of Honor.

Bryan's accomplishments are nothing short of amazing: R.O.H world champion, R.O.H tag team champion, and he has been a world champion in almost every Indy promotion he has wrestled for. Daniel Bryan has done so much, but now I believe it is the time for him to make even more of an impact in the WWE by winning the United States championship.

Look, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin is the current champion right now and he is on such a roll since winning the "Money In The Bank" contract at the July pay-per-view event.

He will be a world champion in my opinion because he has it all to be a world champion from the look to the athletic ability to being down right entertaining.

Miz has it all, but for him to become a WWE champion, he has to drop the United States title, and who better to drop it to then Daniel Bryan.

Bryan was released from WWE back in May after the first Nexus attack because some of his actions were out of line in the WWE eyes.

Bryan instantly got a reputation for being to violent for TV, and it really helped him get his name out there even more to new fans and to fans that have loved wrestling for many years.

Bryan worked some Indy scenes for the summer, but the WWE shocked us all when they brought him back at SummerSlam to fight the Nexus. He was very impressive in his return, but the storyline would have Miz take out Bryan with the Skull Crushing Finale. Bryan and Miz have had a history together back on NXT season one.

Bryan is a pro. The Miz had ditto respect for him and would even go out of his way to make Bryan's life hell. Now flash to current day, The Miz and Bryan are back at it again, but this time the U.S. title is dangling in the air between these two.

The Miz has better things to do once he drops the U.S. title but I think that by allowing  Bryan to win the title, it will help Bryan a lot by having him be credible after his feud with Miz is over. It could really show how far the Miz has come with his in-ring ability since 2006.

Now I can see these two men going at it at Night Of Champions in less than three weeks, because all the titles with in the company will be on the line.

The match should be good, but if the WWE really wants to be aggressive with this storyline, then have it become "personal" between these two after Night Of Champions and allow the feud to end inside of Satin's playground, Hell In A Cell.

Bryan has a long way to go in order to become the WWE/World Champion, but this feud with The Miz will propel him in so many ways and it will be must see TV each and every week.