Strikeforce Houston Results: Bobby Lashley Runs Out of Gas in Texas

Joshua WoodCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2010

Undefeated pro wrestler turned MMA fighter Bobby Lashley (5-0) came into the fight tonight confident, as the favorite.  Fighting against a game opponent in Chad Griggs (8-1), Lashley wanted to make a huge statement in his second Strikeforce appearance.

The opening round started with Lashley getting an early takedown on Griggs and controlling him, while doing moderate damage. Griggs was able to get up twice exposing a little top position sloppiness by Lashley. Using his superior wrestling, Lashley was able to get three takedowns in the round but on the last one Griggs timed a nice uppercut that cut Lashley. When the round ended, Lashley looked gassed and was bleeding heavily from the cut under the left eye.

Round two started out like the first with an early takedown by Lashley. Griggs was trying to survive and gave Lashley several chances to lock up a submission but Lashley just wasn’t looking for them. Lashely got full mount but his inexperience, cardio or technique wouldn’t allow him to capitalize on it. While still in mount the Referee stopped the fight to have to cut looked at.

At this point Lashley was clearly out of gas, bending over with hands on his knees as the doctor looked at the cut.

The fight restarts standing and Lashley went in for a lazy takedown which Griggs stuffed while landing another uppercut. Lashley clings to a single leg while eating several unanswered hammer fists by Griggs as the bell sounds. Griggs heads to his corner but Lashley remains kneeling, gassed and trying to recover from those hammer fists.

Lashley is unable to continue and the referee stops the fight between rounds for a TKO win a chad Griggs.

Lashley now must recover from his first professional MMA defeat. The first lost can be a tough one but the key is what you do following the defeat. Learn from this lose and come back stronger and a better fighter.

Griggs improves to 9-1 with his fourth win in a row and has earned himself another fight in Strikeforce.

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