WWE Vs TNA: Collision In Connecticut PPV Creation

The SpikeContributor IAugust 21, 2010

Hey guys, Chris Mueller presented us with a challenge to create our very own PPV with current WWE & TNA stars. I've seen some pretty good cards lately and I've decided to give it a shot with my own card.

Now before I start with the matches, I've decided that the backstory is almost exactly like how WWE wanted WCW (and eventually ECW) to invade WWE, but this time, the TNA titles will come into play as they will be unified with the WWE's titles. Since Vince would probably buy Dixie's company, WWE would probably just join the titles together. Like for example: The IC and the X Division title would be unified to become the undisputed IC Champion.

I've put a lot of thought into this. It's really brought out my creativity in me. Thanks Chris for giving us the opportunity to make our dreams somewhat of a reality.

So without further ado, let's get started!

Match #1
Fatal 4 Way Ladder Unification Match for the Intercontinental & X Division Championships: Dolph Ziggler vs Douglas Williams vs Kofi Kingston vs Jay Lethal.

The first match to kick off the ppv is a ladder match for the IC and X Division championships. Dolph, Doug, Kofi, and Lethal are terrific athletes. No doubt, and this match would definitely catch the audiences' eye. I see Dolph winning the titles after a fantastic opener.

Match #2
Last Man Standing Match: The Big Show vs Matt Morgan.

Match 2 will be the 2 biggest men from both companies, The Big Show taking on 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan, in a LMS match. Big Show has been going strong the past few years with mutiple championship wins, and Matt Morgan is a former tag team champion and is a future rising star. So with that, I predict Matt Morgan winning this contest between the battle of the giants.

Match #3
6 Diva/Knockout Unification Battle Royal for the Diva's and Knockout's Championships: Maryse vs Melina vs Eve vs Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne vs Hamada.

We have to have a women's match sooner or later. Sure I know this match would be alright, but all 6 of these ladies can go in the ring. Sure the TNA girls have more experience, but it can still be a good women's match. So with that, I predict Melina to win.

Match #4
Ultimate X Match for the United States Championship: The Miz vs John Morrison vs Kazarian vs Brian Kenndrick vs R-Truth vs Jeff Hardy.

Up next will be the Ultimate X match for the US Title as Miz defends against  JoMo, Kazarian, Brain Kendrick, R-Truth, and Jeff Hardy. I love the Ultimate X matchup. it's spotfest heaven here and it'll be no different in this match. I imagine JoMo doing some "Holy toledo!" moments here. But I can see Miz retaining here after one hell of a match!

Match #5
3 Stages of Hell Match: Abyss vs Kane.

An IWC match everyone (Or at least most) wants to see. The Kane/Mankind wannabe vs the real Kane in a 3 Stages of Hell Match. The first fall will be a Street Fight, then a Monster's Ball, and the 3rd fall (If need), will be an Inferno match. I see Kane winning the first fall, Abyss winning the second fall, and Kane winning the third.  I don't see this match being an, "Oh Bah Gawd! Amazing!" match, but I do seeing it living up to my expectations (Or maybe it'll got past my expectations). I can see Kane winning this encounter.

Match #6
Four Way Elimination Tag Team Unification Match for the WWE and TNA World Tag Team Championships: The Hart Dynasty vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money vs The Usos.

Next up is a 4 Way match for the WWE & TNA Tag Team Titles. It's gonna be good, let me tell ya. MCMG and Beer Money are two of the very best tag teams in the world and The hart Dynasty and The Usos are real good up incoming talent. I say The Usos get eliminated first by Beer Money, Hart Dynasty beat out Beer Money, and finally, MCMG pick up the win against The Hart Dynasty and win the titles.

Match #7
Singles Match: Sting vs The Undertaker.

The IWC's most wanted matchup of, pretty much, all time, Sting vs Undertaker. Some people wanted it to be a HIAC or an Inferno match, but a simple wrestling match can be just as good, or even, better (Just ask guys like HBK). I predict the match to be pretty physical as Undertaker tries to take the Stinger out countless times, but Sting keeps coming back. Eventually, Sting gets caught in a Tombstone and Taker gets the win in a hard fought match.

Match #8
Three Way Dance Match: Kurt Angle vs Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan.

OMG. Now this is awesome.

Angle, Swagger, Bryan. Three of the best technical wrestlers in the world in one match. It's one of my wrestling dreams I would love to see in real life. This match could very well be the Match of the Night and it WILL deliver. If you don't know how a three way dance match works, it's an elimination type of match, kinda, where you have to eliminate both opponents to win. So with that, I predict Swagger to lose first to Bryan, and Bryan losing to Angle in an amazing match.

Match #9
Championship Scramble Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Sheamus vs "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs Desmond Wolfe.

The first of two main events of the evening is for the WWE title featuring Sheamus defending against John Cena, Chris Jericho, The Pope, and Desmond Wolfe. I think the Championship Scramble is a pretty good match type for a championship. Evey guy has a 20% chance of winning, and it's sometimes hard to predict that sort of thing for a certain match type like this. So I predict John Cena winning, even though I don't like the guy overall, he's the face of the company. Vince doesn't want his top face to lose on a special ppv like this!

Match #10: Main Event.
Elimination Chamber Match for the Undisputed World's Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs CM Punk vs Mr. Anderson.

The main event of the evening will be a unification Elimination Chamber match for the WWE and TNA World's Heavyweight Championships featuring Triple vs Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs CM Punk vs Mr. Anderon. I love the elimination chamber matchup. It's a nice way to have a title change or to make great moments. I see Punk and Styles starting off first, then enters Orton into the match. All three fight until Mr. Anderson is out next. Orton and Anderson lock eyes and brawl. AJ eliminates Punk first. Next enters Samoa Joe into the match and takes out everybody. Anderson eliminates Orton next (Paybacks a you know what!), but Joe eliminates Anderson right after. Joe and Styles fight until Triple H comes in and clears house. Triple H eliminates Joe next and AJ and Triple H are the final two. Both fight and hit their spots until Triple H gets the upper hand and pedigrees Styles and wins the match.

So that's it! I hope you all enjoyed reading my PPV creation. I put a lot of thought and work into this and I hope you all send me some feedback!