Alberto Del Rio: The Future Of World Wrestling Entertainment, Nuff Said

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 21, 2010

This morning, I was watching WWE SmackDown on my DVR. I couldn't watch it last night people, forgive me. In any case, I saw the debut of Albert Del Rio, and seriously, this dude impressed more than I think anyone expected.

Now I know a lot about Alberto Del Rio. Most of the Hispanic audience knows him by the name of Dos Caras Jr.

His character in the WWE is one of Mexican Royalty, making him an upper class citizen. One with higher education, a ton of money, and experience in everything needed to become great.

What people don't know is that his character is a play of his real life. He is of royalty, wrestling royalty. His father is the great Dos Caras Jr. He is related to Mil Mascaras, a man which many believe is the best Mexican performer who ever lived. And Mr. Del Rio learned from him.

Think about that people.

Dos Caras taught his son the way of the art of wrestling as well, and when he was young, he learned more than any wrestler's son could. His father would take him to matches, let him stay in the back, and show him what he was doing and how he did it. Something that made the young man learn so much.

Del Rio actually didn't want to go into the family business when he got older though. He spent time in MMA and felt that was his calling. He even fought Mirko Crocop.

This is why you see him use a lot of MMA maneuvers in his matches, such as his armbar from last night which helped him win his match with Rey Mysterio. But, Del Rio eventually moved on and went back into wrestling which was seemingly his true passion. The funny thing is that in all he did outside of wrestling, he still went by the name Dos Caras Jr. to honor his father.

Del Rio really did win wrestling gold at the Pan-Am games like Matt Striker said on SD!

He was even going to be on the Mexican Olympic Team, but they sadly didn't qualify that year. He is a classically trained Greco-Roman wrestler, one who could compete with the likes of Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and others.

Basically, if you're looking for a good wrestler with a tremendous background, you're just spoiling yourself in getting Dos Caras, Jr.

I don't blame the WWE for the name change however. While Rey Mysterio is using his name to honor his uncle, Mysterio was also a star in ECW and WCW before entering the WWE. This is why his name never changed. But he has allowed the WWE to use his name for marketing purposes. So they own the rights to it in that aspect.

Dos Caras Jr., although a big name in Mexico, didn't really do much in America before entering the WWE. So, most of the American audience isn't familiar with him. This is why changing his name was OK to do. Also, it's not a terrible name. Believe me, the WWE has come up with some stinkers. (Daniel Bryan anyone?)

Thus Alberto Del Rio was born, and has become an instant star. While in FCW, many believed this man was a future star and one the WWE would market huge.

Think about it for one second, people. Those with business sense will understand where I am going with this, and I'm sure many others will catch up to what I'm saying soon.

Rey Mysterio has really been the man responsible for the Hispanic viewership and he is pretty much one knee surgery away from retirement. That said, they need another guy with a ton of talent to come in and replace him.

Del Rio is already a Mexican legend to say the least, so can you really go wrong in getting in the man? I don't think so.

He has International Marketability, something not all people can say. If you're the WWE, do you capitalize on that, or throw him to the side and waste something you could make huge money off of?

Also, he's the perfect guy to replace a now broken Mysterio. Like I mentioned before, he has the ability to draw in a nice Hispanic audience, and then you add in how good he is.

The one thing I thought that would keep him back would be his mic work. In Spanish, his stick work was excellent. But seeing as this is America and we would like to hear English being spoken on TV more often, he had to learn how to speak it understandably and very well. If he didn't, he wasn't worth giving the mic to.

Then, as we saw last night, he has excellent mic work, especially great for a debut. It's not the best you've ever heard, but he was great in his video packages and delivered the promo in the ring the same way.

I have a lot of respect for those who can be in front of a camera and speak the same way they would in front of millions watching, which Del Rio did.

I felt that all he had to do was improve on his mic work coming in and he could be huge, and he did. That was just icing on the cake to his in ring work, which was saw was great too.

You have no idea how ecstatic I was when he was finally signed. For those that don't know, the Dos Caras Jr./WWE relationship was back and forth.

It was believed he would be signed in 2008, but things were said that Caras didn't agree with. The WWE tried to convince him certain things wouldn't happen and he would be used very well if he signed. By the summer of 2009, he was signed to a developmental deal.

And then when he appeared on FCW, many were happy with his work. From then on, he became a big player in FCW.

Moving on to the main roster, the WWE could use him well for marketing and he would be a huge star for the main event scene. First off, his character is very good and one that could make anyone go over well if done right. So, take that into account first and foremost.

Then you add in that he can back up everything he says in the ring, and you have a guy people will really hate out there. Which some would say is not good, but there is a certain respectful hate people have. We had for the likes of Orton, Edge, and Jericho. Guys who were heels and received as that, but people that the IWC and others really did like and think highly of.

And believe me when I tell you, if you have the IWC on your side, you will go places. Why do you think some of these names are signed to the WWE in the first place?

Del Rio is a guy who people will want to see weekly, because you just want to see what his character will do next. It's one that could be addicting to people, not just the Hispanic audience, but also the American audience just as well.

When your a Mexican performer and you can get Americans to respect and adore you, and even claim you're better than certain American stars, you have then arrived. Until you do that, you have not done a darn thing.

Del Rio after last night is in talks to be better than Mysterio already, and better than people such as Rhodes, DiBiase, Ziggler, and other mid-card heels. This tells me right now, Del Rio is now a player in the WWE.

We now know that the WWE is high on him too, and right now after seeing his debut we can see why they really want to push the Alberto Del Rio character. It's one larger than life, which in wrestling is very good.

But what did you think about Alberto Del Rio? Do you think he will go far in the WWE?