Brett Favre Needs to Act His Age

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008


Brett Favre, a name that when heard reminds us all of the old, grizzled, veteran QB who has racked up crazy stats in his day. Yet, since his so-called retirement in March, Brett Favre has acted more like a complaining rookie who can't get what he wants then the experienced mature veteran he should be.

One must give a man what he is due, and Brett Favre is no exception. His rocket arm and extreme toughness has put him among the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL. It is no surprise that for the past few years the Packers have begged Favre (now in his late 30s) to stay. It is also no surprise that the Packers invested in a top QB prospect, Aaron Rodgers, figuring the day for Brett's retirement had to come someday.

And it did. Just a couple of weeks after Brett Favre suffered a terrible loss with his Packers in the NFC Championship; he declared his retirement after 16 seasons. As expected, the Packers hated to see him go, but now they were ready, and with Aaron Rodgers they would continue to be as competitive as ever.

So the Packers started moving in a new direction, beginning the new era of Aaron Rodgers. All looked rosy until pesky rumors started to loom that Brett Favre wanted back. "There's no way he will come back," was what we all thought. "He's retired!"

For Brett Favre to return to Green Bay would be like Jesus Christ coming back to the church. Nevertheless the rumors continued, finally giving football networks something to talk about in the middle of June.

Then things got serious.

Up until a month ago, Brett Favre was almost used as a joke in the back of the minds of many, "ya! Brett Favre will come back...and the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl!" was how most treated the situation. It wasn't until we saw Brett Favre getting in shape at his daughter's high school that we all realized that this was for real. Now Brett Favre is finally returning to the Packers after weeks of bickering.

All I have to say to Brett Favre is, "Grow Up!"

If Brett Favre had decided to keep playing despite the emotional season ending loss I wouldn't have blinked an eye. However, Brett finally said he was done and we believed him. It wasn't until the Packers had moved forward that Brett wanted back.

Why would Brett Favre get the impression that his own desire is more important than the team's needs? Maybe because of Brett Favre's lack of maturity is why he fails to see this.

It doesn't matter if your Brett Favre or Cleo Lemon, no one man is above a team. And Brett Favre's failure to learn that will put a stain on his legacy forever. Not only did he put the Packers in a bad position, he made a complete circus out of his former team's affairs. But now, after all the threats and interviews, Brett Favre is finally getting what he wants, regardless of what's best for the team.

It's time for Brett Favre to finally step up and be a man, and take responsibility for his actions. The NFL let's too many people get away with what they want. It reminds me of a father finally giving in to his son's whining. It's not good for the Packers, it's not good for Brett Favre, and it isn't good for anybody, especially the kids who idolize this 40-year-old child as their hero.