Superman Defies The Odds Again At Summerslam... Snooze!

Daruish Gorgirzadeh@DaruishG90Contributor IIIAugust 21, 2010

Hey Bleachers, what's up?


Now before I start my article, I would like to mention that this is my first article that I've written about the WWE, so please go easy on me guys!


Right now that that's all done, let's get started with the real item of business.


John Cena - The Superman of the WWE defies the odds again at Summerslam against the Nexus.


I started watching wrestling about 6 years ago, in 2004, literally as Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit for the World Heavweight Championship at Summerslam. It was also at that same Summerslam that John Cena began an awesome best of 5 series with Booker T for the US championship.


I remember watching it and immediately I became a John Cena fan. I immediately became a Chain Gang Soldier, and lived and breathed by what he said. I used to live by all of his sayings, and used to listen to his music a lot.  I was so desperate for him to beat Booker T and win the title. Which he subsequently did. And I was ecstatic.


This began his ascent from upper midcarder to main eventer. I was loving this, as John Cena had become my favourite wrestler. After finishing runner up in the 2005 Royal Rumble and then winning the #1 contender tournament at No Way Out against Kurt Angle, I knew John was destined for big things.


Then when he beat JBL at Wrestlemania 21 for the WWE title, the sheer joy in his face when he received the belt from the referee, was infectious, as I was sat in my bedroom punching the air with a massive smile on my face.


Then came the subsequent 9 month title reign, in which he beat contenders like JBL, Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle. And when I say beat, I mean defied the odds at times. I guess this was really the start of the Superman era.


Again everytime he retained the title, I was thrilled, especially when he defied the odds in matches like the triple threat submission match with Kurt Angle and Chris Masters, where we saw the debut of the STFU (STF now).


Even when he started to lose and regain the title, (by defying the odds usually), I was thrilled, especially after Unforgiven 2006 with the epic TLC match with Edge. (Which is one of my favourite WWE matches).


Then after a little while, I started to become a bit bored with the WWE, and also the fact that as I got older, I started going out more and missed the shows, and after a while there was too much for me to catch up on, so I gave up.


Up until recently, I had kept up with the PPV results, and tended to notice that John Cena was still in the main event title picture, and he was either winning by defying the odds or losing uncleanly. But still, naively I still liked John Cena and he was still my favourite wrestler in the WWE.


Even when I started to read articles on Bleacher Report about how John Cena sucked, or that he doesn't deserve his main event status, or that his gimmick had become boring, I was still a massive fan.


Until recently.


After his latest storyline began with him becoming involved with the Nexus, I started to see that there were other wrestlers with better gimmicks and that were generally more entertaining to watch, like Randy Orton.


I started to notice this change in feeling at Money In The Bank with his cage match against Sheamus. I found myself not really caring if Cena won the title, as it was clear that the match was going to end with him defying the odds to win or someone coming out to interfere.


And to my surprise, it was the latter. Of course that was sarcasm, as John Cena has become predictable, which is difficult for me to say being one of his biggest fans.


Now, after MITB, I thought that maybe things would be different going into Summerslam, as the Nexus looked dominant, and cracks started to appear in Team WWE. I even found myself becoming very impressed by the Nexus, especially Wade Barrett, and even found myself starting to root for the heel, (which is something I have never done before.)


As Summerslam drew closer, and after reading numerous articles on this website, I started to imagine all of the possibilities that the ending of the elimination match could include. There could have been a heel turn by one of Team WWE, names like Bret Hart, John Morrison or even Cena himself (as unlikely as that would have been).


Also there were rumours that someone like Triple H or the Miz would reveal themselves to be the actual leader of the Nexus.


I actually said to my brother before Summerslam that the ending would be Wade Barrett left with John Cena and Bret Hart, and that Hart would screw Cena by hitting him with a chair and that the Nexus would pick up the win and continue to dominate under the leadership of The Hitman.


How wrong was I?


Instead, we were treated to the return of Daniel Bryan, which was good, but could have been so much better if WWE had not announced it minutes before the match.


And the ending was... you guessed it, John Cena 2 on 1 against Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel.


When the match got to this point, I knew staright away that John Cena would defeat them both by himself and win the match for Team WWE.


Now in the past I would have been delighted, as like I mentioned earlier, John Cena was my favourite and I never wanted him to lose any match he was in.


But after that result, I was irritated, at not just the fact that the WWE creative used the same kind of ending for about the 300th time, but also the fact that the dominating stable had its momentum halted like that. And to underline that fact, was the way Wade Barrett put up absolutely no resistance to the STF.


Now I know that John Cena is the top babyface in the WWE, and that the company relies on him to make the majority of their money through merchandise sales, (especially with little children), but why they had to make a dominating stable like the Nexus look so weak at the end really bugged me.


And that is very hard for me to say because I am still a big John Cena fan, and this article is not intended to bash Cena, but the WWE creative team who decide to use the same ending for a Cena win, which when looking back has happened for quite a few years now.


Now I hope that Night of Champions will provide a few newer twists, and hopefully provided John Cena with a new, worthwhile feud or maybe continue his feud with the Nexus for a little longer.


Thanks for reading guys, and I'd be interested to hear some of your thoughts.