WWE SMACKDOWN Review: Rey Mysterio's Epic Fail!

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2010

Mysterio & Del Rio In-Ring Segment:


Mysterio got the show started with his shameless pandering to the crowd. Alberto Del Rio interrupted Mysterio before he can talk about Saturday morning cartoons.


Del Rio’s entrance was a nice touch to his long awaited debut after several vignettes. His Rolls Royce arrival was more stylish than JBL’s limo entrances. His personal Spanish ring announcer was the cherry on top.


Del Rio bashed Mysterio when he stated that Rey’s blood was from the blood of the Tijuana streets. In contrast, Del Rio said that he was a descendant of kings.


Del Rio’s microphone skills are top notch and actually forced Mysterio to abandon his typical cookie cutter promos.


Del Rio deserves my first perfect segment rating.


Segment Rating: 10/10



“Dashing” Cody Rhodes Vignette:

Rhodes gave tips on moisturizing your skin. These vignettes were okay to start with, but now they seem a little obnoxious. We get it…. Cody thinks he is handsome. Just call him Rick Rude and get it over with.


Cody Rhodes’ gimmick is getting him noticed when it seemed that Ted Dibiase was going to be the stand-out of their tag team.


Vignette Rating: 5/10



Dolph Ziggler (IC) vs. Kofi Kingston-Intercontinental Championship Match:


This match was ordered by Teddy Long due to the no-contest after Nexus attacked Kingston and Ziggler at Summer Slam.


Kofi won by disqualified when Vicki Guerrero pushed him off the top rope.


The match was subpar in comparison to their prior matches. Their feud is getting stale; Ziggler needs a new challenger badly.


In post-match action, Vicki distracted Kofi by acting like she was in fear. Ziggler attacked Kofi which ended with a Zig-Zag and sleeper hold.


This unfortunately means that their feud will continue into the next pay-per-view.


Match Rating: 5/10



Lay-Cool Backstage Segment:


They are still awesome and seem to keep their act from getting old. They are Kaval’s Pro on NXT, which has shown a different caring side from the “mean girls”.


Segment Rating: 6/10



Serena/Luke Gallows vs. Kelly Kelly/Big Show Match:


CM Punk stated before the match that if Serena and Gallows lose, they are gone from SES. He said that he got the idea from NEXUS when he watched the last RAW. He then asked the other SES members if they saw it.


I found this odd, that CM Punk would ask if they watched another WWE program. Shouldn’t they all be watching it? After all, if they have no interest in their own product why should we?


Serena got the victory over Kelly Kelly when she hit a gut-buster version of CM Punk’s GTS. Gallows and Show had little to do with this match.


Serena was the top female performer when she was with WWE developmental organization, FCW.  Her wrestling skill is top notch. I was not surprised that she got the nod, only surprised that it took this long for her to wrestle on television given the diminished women’s division on SMACKDOWN.


Kelly Kelly was just a top contender for Layla’s championship yet she gets pinned quite easily by Serena. I guess that’s the trend lately.


Match Rating: 5/10



Kane In-Ring Segment:


This was one of the best promos in recent memory. Kane delivered a “300” type dramatic recount of his history with the Undertaker. He claimed that this was his plan all along. Kane’s theatrics during his segment sold me the storyline despite my initial dislike for yet another Kane vs. Undertaker feud.


The Undertaker did not look in the best of health during his appearance at Summer Slam. I am not sure if that was to sell his “vegetative state” or he really is getting old.

Are we in store for another Casket match at Survivor Series?


Segment Rating: 10/10



Christian vs. Drew McIntyre Match:


Rhodes made his way down the ramp to sit at the announce table. It looks like Rhodes and McIntyre is a power couple now.


The match was mostly controlled by McIntyre, who worked on Christian’s injured left shoulder. In the end however, Christian scored another pin fall over McIntyre.


After the match, Rhodes and McIntyre beat down Christian. Matt Hardy hobbles in with a boot brace on to try to save the day. Instead, Hardy was dropped by McIntyre with the Future Shock DDT.


Rhodes and McIntyre appear to be a good fit.


I am surprised to see McIntyre job to Christian again.


Match Rating: 6/10



Swagger and MVP Backstage Segment:


MVP taunted Swagger more about his victory last week over the “All-American-American”. The segment ended with Swagger challenging MVP to a sports competition.


Didn’t MVP have this type of sports competition with Matt Hardy a few years ago?


Segment Rating:5/10



Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio Match:


Mysterio and Del Rio delivered a nice match filled with near falls.


Mysterio attempted his 619, but it was blocked by Del Rio. Del Rio then executed a flying arm bar, or what pro wrestling calls a cross arm breaker, for the submission victory over the former number one contender.


I can’t thank the SMACKDOWN writers more for sparing us from the formula of Del Rio beating jobbers including Matt Hardy for a few weeks.


I was very impressed with Del Rio. His finisher is awesome as his MMA background makes it more legit. Dos Caras Jr. (Del Rio) as he will make us recognize him for more than just being the son of a lucha libre star.


Match Rating: 9/10



Final Thoughts:


Last week, Jack Swagger jobbed to MVP. This week, Mysterio jobbed to Del Rio in his debut. Both Swagger and Mysterio are recent World champions and were in the main event at the last few pay-per-views. These guys are quickly rolling off the top of the mountain.


I am not certain what the purpose of letting guys like Swagger and Mysterio lose so quickly to mid-carders after their reigns. I believe that this scuffs the World championship’s value. 


I wonder how Ziggler feels that Mysterio jobbed to someone in their debut yet he would drop the title to him a year ago.


I am glad that Del Rio is battling Mysterio from the start as it seemed as natural a feud can get.


Final Rating: 8/10


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