College Football AP Poll: Snubs, Thoughts, and Is It Pointless?

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2010

The AP poll for the upcoming college football season came out today and to no ones surprise Alabama was No. 1 and Ohio State was No. 2.

The real surprise was that Boise State was at No. 3 over both Texas and Florida, who were above them in the coach's poll.

Also slipping down the poll is Virginia Tech, who was No. 10 in the AP poll and No. 6 in the Coaches' Poll.

USC enters the poll at No. 14, which is the only poll that they have a chance of doing anything in thanks to NCAA sanctions.

But who got the shaft by the media?

Well, I did not see Utah in this one, and they can thank USC for that one. The Utes were at the low end of the USA Today Poll and seemingly were the ones that got dropped for USC.

As far as shafted teams, I only see Houston as being the biggest question mark. The Cougs enter the 2010 campaign looking to possibly run the table, and in my opinion are the best of the non-BCS teams after Boise State.

Speaking of Boise, do they belong at No. 3?

I say it doesn't really matter. If they win out and several other BCS big shots do as well, the BCS will find a way to screw them in the long run.

Are they better than Texas and Florida?

Who's to say? I guess the only way we find out is if they actually play on the field, which in college is easier said than done.

As far as the poll is concerned, it basically stays the course that the coach's poll set. The same teams are there, and for the most part, are in around the same positioning.

Which brings me to my next question, why do we care what the media has to say anyway?

I know most of these guys study the game for a living, but do we really need two polls? I say the coaches have a better grasp of who is better than who because they are more involved in the actual games.

The AP Poll, in my opinion, is about as meaningless as some of the preseason articles I've written. Some people will agree and go with my thoughts on the team, others will go against my line of thinking.

It just seems like the AP poll is old and outdated. They need to come up with something new and more relevant with the technologies we have nowadays. Maybe some sort of fan poll that can go in it's place, or at least play a part in the media polling process.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

So what do you think of the poll? Is it accurate? Who got snubbed? What about a newer, more technological survey or poll?

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback below, and just think—two weeks from today it all gets going.