2010 MLB All-Offensive Team

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2010 MLB All-Offensive Team

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    Most people say that 2010 so far has been the "year of the pitcher." Well, there have been some fabulous hitters this year too.

    A lot of these guys from this list could be MVP candidates, and that's why they are on this list, because they're that good.

    Making my decisions for these ten players was extremely difficult, but I think I made the right choices.

    All the stats used in the article are current as of 8-19-10.

    Feel free to voice your opinion.

Catcher: Joe Mauer—Minnesota Twins

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    After a slow start to the season, Mauer has certainly picked up the pace since Justin Morneau has been out with a concussion.

    Mauer, along with Delmon Young, has been the main source of offense for this team for most of the season.

    His current statistics:

    .332 AVG/eight HRS/65 RBI/.894 OPS

    Although his home run and RBI total are not the best, his batting average is nearly 80 points higher than Brian McCann's.

First Baseman: Miguel Cabrera—Detroit Tigers

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    This was a fairly tough choice between Cabrera, Joey Votto, and Albert Pujols. Pujols isn't having as good of a year as last year, but he's still been great. Joey Votto could be an MVP candidate in the National League. And last, but not least, Cabrera has been on a rampage for most of the season.

    I just had to go with him.

    He's been the main source of run production for the Detroit Tigers this year, almost by himself. He is currently leading the league in RBI and is tied for second in home runs. Here are his stats:

    .340 AVG/31 HR/100 RBI/1.082 OPS 

    He is in the top two in each of those four statistics. That's insane.

Second Baseman: Robinson Cano—New York Yankees

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    This position wasn't as tough to decide. It was between Cano, Martin Prado, and Dan Uggla. Uggla was being considered because he has 28 home runs and his batting average is right around .300. Prado is having a great year for the Braves, but Cano is just too great this year.

    A-Roid and Cano have made up a lot of the offense for the Yanks this year, and Teixeira is coming along. But Cano is having the best year of all of them. Here's his stats:

    .325 AVG/24 HR/78 RBI/.953 OPS

    Cano is a top AL MVP candidate. He's a very good all-around player, but better than ever at the plate.

Third Baseman: Adrian Beltre—Boston Red Sox

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    Beltre is having a great year with the injury-plagued Red Sox. He and David Ortiz have been the main run producers for Boston this year.

    He hasn't had a great year like this in a few seasons. His last year with the Mariners was arguably the worst season of his career. This year has obviously been different. Let's take a look at his stats:

    .327 AVG/23 HR/84 RBI/.934 OPS

    The Red Sox needed a big bat this year with all the injuries they've had, and they've looked to Beltre. That works.

Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez—Florida Marlins

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    This position was very hard to decide. There hasn't been very many great shortstops this year, in terms of hitting. Alexei Ramirez, Rafael Furcal, and Hanley Ramirez came to mind.

    I had to go with Hanley because he is more of a run producer than Alexei and Furcal. He also has a good batting average to go with the RBI and home runs. Here are his statistics:

    .283 AVG/16 HR/60 RBI/.811 OPS

    In the beginning of the season, his effort was, well...lacking. But he's regrouped and has been great ever since.

Outfielder No. 1: Josh Hamilton—Texas Rangers

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    I will have three outfielders on this list, not by specific position, they just have to be outfielders. This first one was not so hard to decide.

    Hamilton has been amazing, to say the least, this year for the Rangers.

    Through April and part of May, he wasn't anything special, but when it got to June and July, he took off like a rocket. Here's his stats:

    .353 AVG/26 HR/81 RBI/1.023 OPS

    He is leading the league in batting average by 13 points and is in the top 10 in home runs, RBI, and OPS.

Outfielder No. 2: Carlos Gonzalez—Colorado Rockies

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    A lot of people don't know who Gonzalez is. He is having a very underrated year in Colorado.

    Having him on my fantasy team, I know how good he is, but now it's your turn to learn who he is. Let us take a look at his statistics:

    .318 AVG/25 HR/79 RBI/.911 OPS

    The only reason you may know Gonzalez is because you may have heard about him hitting for the cycle, and capping off the cycle with a walk-off home run.

    Gonzalez will be good for many years to come.

Outfielder No. 3: Delmon Young—Minnesota Twins

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    This year is why the Twins traded for Young. Since they picked him up from the Rays, he hasn't been that great, but this year, he took off.

    In the Joe Mauer slide, I mentioned that Mauer and Young were the main sources of offense for the Twins, and for good reason. Here are Delmon's stats:

    .317 AVG/15 HR/86 RBI/.866 OPS

    Young has come alive this year to keep them in the playoff race.

    He's having an incredible year, and is now an offensive monster.

Designated Hitter: Vladimir Guerrero—Texas Rangers

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    Most people thought Guerrero was done after last year with the Angels. But not the Rangers, who picked him up in the offseason after years of being terrorized by Vlad, and the move has paid off.

    I was considering David Ortiz for this, but his batting average is way too low to be the best DH this year.

    Vladdy has slowed down in late July and August, but is still having an incredible year. Here's his stats:

    .299 AVG/21 HR/87 RBI/.840 OPS

    If he hadn't slowed down, he would be having a career year as an MVP or even a Triple Crown candidate.

Pitcher: Dan Haren—Arizona Diamondbacks/LA Angels

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    With the DH in the AL, I just had to include the pitcher for the NL. Even though Haren is no longer in the NL, he still made this list.

    A lot of you reading probably thought that Mike Leake would get this spot, but no, for three reasons. Haren has a better batting average, more home runs, more RBI, and a better OPS. Here they are:

    Dan Haren:

    .364 AVG/one HR/seven RBI/.902 OPS

    Mike Leake:

    .356 AVG/zero HR/three RBI/.809 OPS

    So in fact, Haren is the better hitter, but will not be hitting much anymore.

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    Anybody I missed? Go ahead and tell me if there is anybody you think should be on this list. I don't mind a debate.

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