SmackDown: Kane's Explaination and The Prologue To What's Next

Bryan VelosoContributor IAugust 20, 2010

What a difference three months has made.

My second article for the Bleacher Report was a look at how the misfortune of Undertaker's orbital injuries, after the Memorial Day weekend, gave his half-brother Kane the chance of a career—the vegetation of the Undertaker would lead to the re-rise of WWE's ultimate jobber.

This rise left many skeptical at first. How, after a decade of being relegated to the B-tier, could the powers that be possibly bring the Big Red Machine out of the hole they dug for him for so many years?

If anybody questioned the success of the ultimate push, tonight they were proven wrong.

We have been witness to countless promos and the memorable stars of the microphone have come, gone and reappeared. You would be hard pressed to find a person that disagrees that The Miz is today's golden standard when it comes to sheer talent with the mic. 

Kane has had many strong promos over the past three months. His first one following the announcement of the Undertaker's horrible fate, for instance, was well written, well thought out and set the tone that would be echoed time and time again as the weeks went by.

But tonight, the man whom almost never spoke early in his career, gave in my view the promo of his career.

Tonight's promo was one of the best I have heard from Kane and probably ranks up there as one of the best of the year. Call me easy to please, but the fact that they were able to sum up Kane's entire career into vengeance that came via tombstone pile driver delivered to his half-brother last Sunday was epic. 

It showed immense depth and brought us through memory lane. After admitting that his favorite deadly sin was pride, flashes of a masked Kane being led in by Paul Bearer passed, citing himself as the forgotten brother. 

He smiled while scenes of their Inferno match from the Unforgiven 1998 passed, talking about how that was the moment when the Undertaker lost the last of his humanity and how it was Kane's influence that pushed his dark side to the limit. He called it the Undertaker's most "magnificent moment."

He spoke of the Undertaker's continuing and growing pride throughout his years of "gathering souls" while Kane watched and waited. 

Then he spoke of SummerSlam 2000, when his mask was removed by the Undertaker as  being the day in which Kane felt he could finally surpass his brother.

Kane then spoke of the Brothers of Destruction—positioning himself at Undertaker's right hand so he could gain his confidence—even then, watching and waiting; the reunion being nothing more than a vehicle for his vengeance.

Undertaker's pride would be his undoing, Kane mentioning how Undertaker never failed to rise from his falls because his pride forced him to.

Kane felt that his moment had finally come the moment that the Undertaker showed an "instant of mercy" to the man he was about to retire, Shawn Michaels, at WrestleMania 26. It was that decision that made him "one with his weakness" and ultimately sealed his fate.

Finally, at SummerSlam, Kane had his vengeance. 

With that, creative was able to not only give the Undertaker time to heal, they set up the third coming of a story line that I'm sure many of us are excited to see. They managed to upgrade the ultimate jobber to a champion and grant him a standing above that of his half-brother for the first time—and they even managed to quote Pulp Fiction while they were at it.

"We used to be called the Brothers of Destruction. But now you are more than the brother that I destroyed. [...] and I would replace him as the devil's favorite demon."

I have been a fan of this angle from the beginning and I was on the edge of my seat tonight as Kane delivered a flawless promo and prologue to what's next.

Letting the mind go wild, there are so many possibilities as well as points for speculation.

Are we looking down the tunnel at the Undertaker's final act? Will the WWE decide to let the Undertaker go in a epic manner as the man he showed that instant of mercy to at WrestleMania 26? Do we have our main event for WrestleMania 27 or will the powers that be at creative once again cut the cord short and have this end with a simple match at a secondary pay-per-view event?

While I know how most in the IWC will react and expect same doubts and criticism that they've shown towards creative in the last year, I will once again be sitting back and enjoying the ride.

The Undertaker comes back to SmackDown next week.

Is it next Friday yet?