Favre Proves Jay Mariotti Should Keep His Mouth Shut...

Jimmy MacAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

As a Chicagoan, I'm sad to say that possibly the worst sports columnist to ever "write" the most meaningless loads of crap that have been written in sports, is a Chicago man himself, Jay Mariotti.

It's not just the fact that Mariotti writes not to help his readers understand a certain situation in sports or a certain team or player in a better light but to be a jackass and spew his schoolgirl insults with the utmost confidence, it's the fact that he's WRONG half the time.

The only upside in Mariotti's writing is his ability to slip in a sometimes funny, but often pointless joke in the midst of his pretending to be a somewhat intelligent sports writer. And a few short days ago, Mariotti proved once again, with the help of Brett Favre of course, that the world would simply be a much better place without his lackluster, meanigless opinions and poor excuses for sports articles.

In one of Mariotti's recent articles, "Pleased With 'Quarterbacks', Foolish Bears Blew Favre Shot", Mariotti criticizes the Bears for not publicly announcing that they would try to pursue Brett Favre as the possible quarterback for the Bears 2008 season.

You can read this recent pile of crap by Jay by copying and pasting the following link:


Well, as most of you have heard, Favre has been reinstated, returned to Green Bay and will now compete for the starting job for the Green Bay Packers, who swore up and down all along despite hearsay and rumors that were never founded, that Favre would NOT be traded to another NFC North team.

But WAIT, according to Mariotti, the Bears are CRAZY; no, they're "delusional wallflowers" for not walking out to the press and going, "Even though Favre isn't readily available, and there's not a chance in hell we can get him, we want him as our starting QB for 2008".

So let's take a look at the scenario Mariotti criticized the Bears up and down for avoiding, which in the end, was a very smart move.

So envision that the Bears had said they'd pursue Favre.

Excellent suggestion Jay. The Bears, like the Vikings, are now screwed for speaking publically about acquiring a QB for another team that is still technically under contract and have now been fined, lost a valuable draft pick, and have ruled out the possibility of getting Favre should he actually become available because they neglected to follow the clear cut guidelines in the league's tampering policy, and instead listened to some "delusional wallflower" of a sports columnist.

Not only that, but now Orton and Grossman know that the Bears have little confidence in them whatsoever, and what's even worse, now the fan base knows that if something better were only there, the Bears would take it; leaving the two QBs that we're going to have no matter how many boos and no matter how many articles from Moron-Mariotti may pop up in the Sun-Times, with no self-confidence or a belief in themself, which will hurt their play once the season starts.

On top of it, the Bears management now looks like a group of two-faced jackals that don't care anything about what a contract says if they can find something better. I say that because, and it doesn't surprise me that Mariotti, with the little sports knowledge, or general knowledge for that matter, that he has knows nothing about this - but when the Bears re-signed Rex Grossmand and extended Kyle Orton's contract, it was done conditionally. Both Grossman and Orton signed on the dotted line with a guarantee that they, and they alone, would compete for the starting job in 2008.

Now, because we all listened to the wisdom of Mariotti, the players we do have signed or that are nearing the verge of wanting another contract will look at management in a different light. No longer does a contract mean that you're guaranteed anything, or are even safe for that matter. It tells other players that maybe would want to come in off free agency that nothing is set in stone, and if something better comes along, you're gone. And it gives the Bears a bad reputation in terms of how they handle their players, much like what's happening to the Packer's management for now going back on their promise to Aaron Rodgers that he was the guy, no matter what. Now he's competing for a job, and the management is getting a lot of heat for looking like a pack of liars.

Yes, Jay, excellent writing! Outstanding suggestions! Give me a break.

Mariotti has had it in for Rex Grossman from day one. Even in 2006, when through the first seven weeks, Grossman was shoe-in for the league MVP and was the number one rated QB in the league, Mariotti ripped him left and right - most of the time, with... you guessed it, school-girl insults and incorrect facts!

For example, after Rex's near flawless game against the Seahawks in week 3 of the 2006 season in which he'd posted his second consecutive game with a passer rating of 100 or higher in a 37-6 route of Seattle, Grossman humbly stood at the podium and told the media that the "The Seahawks are better than that. They're a lot better then coming in here and getting beat 37-6, and we know that and have to keep that in mind when he play them down the road."

Mariotti wrote an article the next day, ripping Rex Grossman for his "swagger" and quoting him as saying, "They got beat 37-6. But we're better than that, and we can play better than that". And we're supposed to buy into the crap this bozo says?

Thank you Lovie and Jerry, for not listening to the ignorant "writer" that the Sun-Times, despite all the hate mail and negative reactions, can't seem to fire. Now there's a relationship that should stump Jay more than the Bears and Rex relationship - his own! As a horrid writer for a respectible paper! Mariotti, who by the looks of his double chin and bad hair cut, hasn't an ounce of professional sporting experience to play off and simply spews his crap just to spew it.

I don't know what we'd do without Mariotti. I mean who wants knowledgible sports writers and people that actually know what they're talking about writing in the papers.