College Football...Greatest Sport of All Time?

Ben JonesContributor IDecember 3, 2007

Mark S. Hawkins/Icon SMIWhen 8 p.m. rolls around, the nation holds its breath as the Bowl Selection Show begins. Moving slower than the final minutes of a close basketball game, the selections are announced.

Ohio State and LSU will play for the National Championship.

With all the joy, frustration, confusion, and controversy surrounding the picks, is it not a microcosmic reflection of the entire college football season?

This year, more than any other year in any other sport, it was made known that if you didn't show up to play you would lose. It was proclaimed that ASU could beat Michigan, and that Stanford could beat USC. Football is football, and fundamentals are fundamentals, no matter your ranking.

This season reminded us all of why we love college sports—the thrill of knowing your underdog team might just beat the Goliath of your conference. Or the feeling that 15 laterals later your team may be standing in the endzone enjoying a last second victory.

This is what makes college football so special. Perhaps the big brother March Madness comes close to this, but generally the brackets play out in a somewhat expected way. Every once in a while you get a George Mason, but only college football gives you the thrill of knowing that Cinderellas are only a blocked field goal away and it could happen any given Saturday...or Thursday.

This season reminded us why we stay up until 3 a.m. hoping to see Hawaii come back from 21 down in the first quarter to remain undefeated and enjoying the feeling when they do.

It reminded us that as long as there is time on the clock there is time to win.

It reminded us that Heisman candidates are human too, and that interceptions are thrown and bad choices are always made.

College football isn't about waiting for the mistakes, it's about knowing that it is a game and crazy things can happen.

So as you gripe and moan about the bowl selection process and BCS as a whole (as we all have), remember this season.

Remember it as the season that reminded us why we all love sports. It is a season that reminded us that in the back of all of our heads, we want ASU to beat Michigan every week, and we want the No. 1 team to get upset.

It's what makes us watch every game we can. We are waiting to see the next upset, the next amazing play, and the next lapse in judgment. Loving college football is the knowledge that it comes down to who wants it more, not who gave out more scholarships.