Manny Ramirez's Future in the MLB

g fdsCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

In my opinion Manny Ramirez's stay in LA won't be long. After this year he will be a free agent and he will be looking for big bucks. This will be his last chance at a huge contract.

Manny will need to play in the AL for the DH rule because, lets be honest, he is a below average outfielder without much speed and is aging. Now at 36 years old his skills have noticably declined.  


year team       G    AB       R     H    2B  HR    RBI      BA    OBP    SLG

2004  BOS   152   568   108  175  44  43  130    .308  .397.613
2005  BOS15255411216230 45144   .292.388.594
2006  BOS1304497914427 35102   .321.439.619
2007  BOS1334838414333 2088   .296.388.493
2008  BOS1003656610922 2068   .299.398.529
2008  LAD313481 25   .615.615  1.154

I think that Manny will be able to get a two year deal worth around 40-45 million. Some people think that the Yankees will be in talks with Manny. I believe this won't happen. The Yankees have five starting outfielders in Nady, Melky, Damon, Hideki, and Bobby. They will not spend 40 million to get Manny.

Some possibilities for Manny next year include:

1) Tampa Bay Rays: This year the Rays have been legitimate contenders in the East, but I don't think they have what it takes to go far in the postseason. Manny would be the veteran bat they need to make it to the World Series. They have the cap room.

2) Minnesota Twins: The Twins need a big bat in the middle of their line up to bring them to the top. They have come close the last couple of years and Manny could be the missing piece in their World Series quest.

3) Detroit Tigers: They have already spent big bucks to try to buy a World Series ring this year, but that hasn't worked for them. So I wouldn't be surprised if they went out and got Manny.

I would love to hear what you think about Manny's future!!!