Politics: Wrestlers Plagued by Creative and Fellow Superstars

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 20, 2010

Politics: Wrestlers Plagued by Creative and Fellow Superstars

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    Over the past couple of years, many wrestlers have been victims of their own choice of words and actions in the ring. Sometimes, this has resulted in the individual being dropped down the card, rarely being used on television, or, in some cases, even fired.

    Since when did the employees have so much say in the company? 

    Out of most things WWE Creative can screw up, letting go of charismatic and overall good wrestlers is the most idiotic thing they could possibly do.

    But they are the reason we all hate John Cena, so should we be surprised?

    So, while they were making the mistakes, I've been constructing the following slides to show the guys who have been duped by Creative and their fellow employees.

Kofi Kingston

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    Towards the end of 2009, this guy looked as if he was going to ascend to the top of the main event. He was in a feud with the Viper, whom he beat twice! He was on his way, huh? 

    Not really.

    Orton went and complained to officials about a match between him, Kofi, and Cena. Now, while watching the match, I never noticed Kofi making a mistake. But no, Randy had to have it end his way. It would have been the same ending (minus a failed punt and Trouble in Paradise attempt). 

    Orton told management Kofi wasn't ready to be a main eventer. 

    By the way he is being used now, you can see that they listened.

    Well, at least Kingston kept his job, unlike the person in the next slide...

Mr. Anderson

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    Another Superstar bites the dust from Orton's complaining. The story on this guy is that he dropped Orton on his head too hard. Not exactly his fault, because he hadn't wrestled in months and had some ring rust. But once again, the Viper proves he is more deadly with his mouth than what he does in the ring.

    The guy even claims Orton was his friend before the incident. He should've known never to turn his back on a snake, because, in the end, it's going to bite you.

    WWE made a huge mistake by letting Anderson go because he is arguably the most charismatic wrestler on the TNA roster. 

    I don't think I have ever seen fans get behind a wrestler so quickly despite him starting off as a heel.

CM Punk

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    Unlike Kofi and Anderson, CM Punk wasn't plagued by his actions in the ring but by his own words. I know most of you wondered why his first World Title reign ended so abruptly. Well it's because he mentioned the face of the WWE, John Cena.

    Now, Punk reportedly dressed inappropriately, and when the Undertaker notified him of the stir he was causing among the WWE officials, he simply said, "What about Cena?"

    When I first heard about the situation, I thought it would just blow over. Well, a couple of weeks later, Punk lost his World title without actually losing in a match.

    Lucky for him, he has had two more reigns as the World champion, and Vince himself is reportedly high on Punk nowadays.  

Daniel Bryan

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    Even though he is back in the WWE, the guy should have never been released in the first place. Some of you believe it was a storyline. I assure you Bryan was released for real, and for what reason?

    Choking the ring announcer with his own tie reminded people to much of Chris Benoit. That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I watched the attack five times in a row, and not for one second did I think of Benoit.

    Now, I remember HBK and Triple H using the crossface—that definitely reminds me of Benoit, but were they released? Nope.

    Someone affiliated, or working for WWE who has a lot of "pull" within the company informed them that it reminded people of Benoit, so Daniel got released because of it.

    That's Creative for you.