News Around the Indies: Cornette on ROH, Bryan Danielson, and More

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 20, 2010

I love it here at BR; we have some great inspiring writers that are passionate about pro wrestling. The one thing I have noticed is the lack of coverage on the Indy scene.

This is most likely due to the little exposure it has seen on the main scene. When I came back one of my main goals was to shine some light on the backbone of wrestling.


Danielson is Confirmed!

For those of you DGUSA fans worried that you won't see Danielson, fear not. It has been confirmed that he will honor his scheduled shows for the Sept. 25 show in Chicago. This may be your last chance to catch him on the Indy circuit for a while; if not ever.

Tickets on sale in the store or by calling 267-519-9744.

The Scheduled matches will be Danielson vs. Yamato in Chicago and Danielson vs. Jon Moxley in Milwaukee. Dragon Gate USA went on to thank WWE for allowing him to wrestle the shows. Also announced for the show is Shingo vs. Dragon Kid.

Cornette Talks the Future of ROH
In a recent interview with "Right After Wrestling" radio show, Jim Cornette discussed many different subjects. Most importantly, he talked about the future of ROH without Adam Pearce. Here are some highlights of what he said:

"I'm going to be doing the same thing that I have been doing. I care about Ring of Honor. I feel like they're the closest thing to a new, compelling, interesting product as there out there in wrestling today," Cornette told Arda Ocal and former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas.

"Adam Pearce did a great job. I've enjoyed working with him. It wasn't due to anything with his talent booking, but moreI've been in this situation on conflicts with the office on the direction. 'Where should we go? What should we do? What should we change?' This led to the change. I think he'll be back one day with Ring of Honor, but Cary Silkin wants to make a change, just moving forward."

On his departure as booker, Cornette said there's no heat Pearce and ROH owner Cary Silkin. He said it was "just a philosophy change."
"I'm too old to be 'the guy,' but I want to help 'the guy.' I want to pass on some of my experience to whoever is booking," Cornette said. "My only criteria now is 'can an alternative product succeed and I want to help them do that.' I like Delirious and I want to work with him. I think it's more about where we're going from here."

Cornette responded mainly by saying he thinks corporate wrestling promotions (WWE and TNA) are trying to be "bigger than they are" by trying to disassociate from pro-wrestling.

"I think the companies are keeping guys from being big draws these days," he said in response to Bischoff's claim that established stars draw a TV audience.

Asked how Ring of Honor can grow, Cornette said the key is HDNet's growth as they increase their cable TV platform to give ROH more exposure. He said, "there's a place for an alternative product," and he believes ROH can "steal back" some of the adult audience that's watching MMA by offering a more realistic product compared to "corporate wrestling."

You can hear the whole interview by going to the following link.

In addition to getting ROH's story out on the booking change, Cornette talked about what Delirious brings to the table as a booker and how closely he will be involved in the creative process.

"I throw in ideas at TV trying to help younger talent with limited TV experience. I work closely with the office," he said. "I think Delirious was chosen because, not only is he one of the Ring of Honor talents, but he runs the ROH pro wrestling school, he runs his own shows (Pro Wrestling Respect), and he knows how to meet a bottom line."

Backing up Pearce's statement

Each week I will try to put up at least two reads that highlight the Indy scene. With any luck this trend will catch on here at BR. Remember, without the Indy scene we would have no WWE or TNA. They deserve as much praise as the big boys of wrestling.

CHIKARA Card Updated!

CHIKARA has updated their card for the upcoming show in September. It should be good, as always. It seems that we will be seeing a lot of solid ladies' action in this one. Here is the official announcement:

"Through Savage Progress Cuts the Jungle Line"
9.19.2010 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Warsaw!

261 Driggs Avenue in the nice part of Brooklyn, N.Y.!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

The month of September will see the greatest female wrestler of all time finally arrive in the United States!

CHIKARA is proud to present legendary Hall of Famer Manami Toyota, Japan's "Flying Angel," when we make our first visits to Baltimore and New York City! Our debut card in New York thus far contains these three matches:


Manami Toyota & Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Sara Del Rey


Eddie Kingston vs. Ares


The Osirian Portal vs. Daizee Haze/Delirious 

(A Chikara tag team must score three points, with three consecutive wins, to earn a title shot - ED.)

You can check out more on the official site.

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