The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Look at Last Nights Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 20, 2010

Well another week has passed my friends. Last week, Impact delivered a great show and had a chance to really capitalize off it. So how did TNA respond? Well I would be kind in giving this weeks show a average review. They had a couple of good moments, but for the most part I felt like they dropped the ball.

Maybe part of the reason I was disappointed was because of the many reports that Van Dam Vacated the belt. While I have nothing against people reporting spoilers as news. I do have issues with people not warning you its a spoiler. Have some decency for us fans that prefer to be surprised.

That wasn't my major issue with this weeks show though. My problem was with booking really not following up on a hot show. It makes me really scratch my head with some of the decisions that's made on TNA. I will as always cover both good spots and bad spots on the show.

So sit back and relax as I give you this weeks edition of the good, the bad, and the ugly!


The Good

Angle vs. Doug Williams

For two guys that never wrestled each other these guys really brought the goods. It wasn't a classic bout that will be remembered for ever. It did however show us that these two work well together. I hope they explore a feud with these two down the road.

As far as last nights match goes; it was a well rounded professional wrestling match. Williams pulled of a awesome gut wrench suplex during this bout. He also landed a sweet diving elbow on Angle. Angle would hold up his end of the deal during the match as always.


Matt Morgan vs. The pope

I really like these two guys. They have the look and feel of a wrestler that is moving up in the ladder. I know the Pope has taken a few steps back lately but he is still in the mix of things. The real surprise has been the push of Matt Morgan.

He has had a great year to say the least. Now he is in fortune, and being around flair should really make his persona better. These two would put on a solid bout that left you wondering who was going to win. Morgan may have lost tonight, but he is store for bigger things in the near future.


Jay Lethal vs. Mr. Anderson

How did the WWE let Anderson go? I guess TNA can thank Orton for the free gift. While the match itself wasn't as good as I though it would be. It was still a good bout considering it was their first match together.

I was really pulling for Lethal to win but in my heart of hearts I knew better. At least the loss didn't really hurt Lethal. I am sure he will be sniffing around the title before the years end. Having Anderson move on was a smart move. He gives the final four the entertainment needed in this tourney.


The bad

The signing of the ECW cast

TNA couldn't just leave well enough alone. They gave these hack jobs a PPV which was bad enough. Now I am going to get to see them on a weekly basis. What can a washed up Raven, Dreamer, and others bring to the table?

I guess we will be seeing a long drawn out feud between Fortune and them. I can only imagine how many talented wrestlers in the back will be pushed aside. I wouldn't plan on seeing Generation Me and others on the show any time soon.

It is decisions like this that will forever hold TNA back from the big time. Vince is probably laughing in his five hundred dollar shoes right now. Lets hope that this nonsense ends sooner than later. For now I will just troop on and watch the show.


Tourney for the title

While I have no issue with the concept itself. I am bothered that we are not seeing some guys that should be wrestling in it. How can they not put Styles in this thing? Even if he doesn't win the belt it at least adds credibility to tourney.

It would have also been nice to see Abyss involved. He is by far their hottest heel they have right now. I'm not even sure who he is feuding with right now. Even with the misdirection of his gimmick he is still finding a way to make it work.

The only saving grace for this tourney is if Angle wins the whole thing. Even at his age Angle is still a hot commodity. The time is right to put the belt on him and give him a lengthy title run. Who knows how much longer we will get to see Angle a the top.


Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Terry

How is that Terry even got into this tourney match? He just lost twice in a row to AJ Styles. Needles to say this match was less then memorable. At least Terry did something besides his normal brute offense. In case anyone missed it; he managed to pull of a half arsed spin kick.

Even Hardy looked a little sloppy in this bout. I know he was selling an injury, but even his slandered offense looked sloppy. He pulled of the worst looking Swan Ton Bomb I ever saw from him.


The Ugly

Hulk Hogans phone call

During one of the segments Hogan was on the phone with Dixie Carter. This had to be the worst acting job I had ever seen from the big guy. This is saying a lot considering he made such fine films like No Holds Bar, Mr. Nanny, and Santa With Muscles.

At one point he said he wanted to just quit; this advice I wish Hogan would follow. We can be then spared seeing the Oldster hobble his way down to the ring. We are not that lucky folks; remember he has alimony payments to make.


Nash will not shut up

It seems that every week we get to be tortured with a long dragged out segment with Kevin Nash. He was never a great promo guy in the past, but I swear he is just getting worse at it. At least the segment would be cut shortly after a beat down from Fortune.



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