He Is The Man... Why Shawn Michaels Is In Fact The Greatest Ever.

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He Is The Man... Why Shawn Michaels Is In Fact The Greatest Ever.


I read an article a few days ago describing why exactly Shawn Michaels was not the greatest of all time. He said that we as fans should consider men like Lou Thesz to be the greatest of all time, because he was an innovater and he created many wrestling moves still used today. My argument is this... First of all I could go to any squared circle and make myself a few moves, am I then an innovater? I am by no means like the great Lou Thesz but think about it this way. James Naismith greated the sport of basketball and revolutionized it, is he considered the greatest of all time? No, why? Because people don't know his name, they know Jordan, Bird, Magic, etc. Now without further ado, a look at just what makes Michaels so great.


Longevity: Michaels started wrestling at age 18, in 1984. He hung up his boots and had a five star match in the same night, over 25 years later. How many men in this day and age can say they have been with the same company for twenty five years, excluding his injury?

Innovation: Who was king of the Ladder Match? Who was in the first Hell In A Cell? Who was the leader of the stable that brought in the attitude era? HBK


Rememberance: What Do People remember? They remember Wrestlemania 25, A one Marty Janetty getting thrown through the barbershop window, they remember the Montreal Screw Job, they remember him Super kicking Shelton Benjamin, and his DX skits, He left a legacy.


match quality:

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Feuds: His feuds are legendary, Whether it be with Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, JBL, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Vince McMahon, Marty Janetty, or the many others... Every Raw that included the Heart break kid we knew we were in for a treat.


Legacy: People Yearn for Shawn, they hope he is the mystery general manager, they hope he comes back, there are hopes for "One More Match!" That is lastly why I think HBK is so great. He said He is done, and people believe him. He left with no regrets, he left a great career, hadn't slowed down, and left with dignity and his head held high. Next time he's on the phone with Naitch he can ask him what a retirement match means

Conclusion: Whether you agree with me or not, you must admit that Shawn's match quality, innovation, and loyalty are unequaled. I truly believe he is the best in the world.

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