It's time for... My mid year awards!

Andrew T.Contributor IAugust 20, 2010

It's time for... My mid year awards!

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    Too often, like this year. I think the PWI has been smoking something fierce when it releases its PWI 500. For instance, not including HBK on the list at all, downright atrocious. So, without further ado let us get this slideshow underway.

Biggest Tear Jerker of the year.

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    Biggest Tear Jerker of the year... Shawn Michaels farewell speech

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      I am not one to cry, especially during wrestling, but this had me feeling rather blue. I'm sure some of our women fans were downright sobbing, which is okay. We saw something really special here, the end of an era, the end of HBK.


      Runner Up: Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels reconcile on Monday Night Raw

    Greatest moment... Nexus attacks Raw

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      How great was this? It was viewer's choice, no one had even an inkling of a clue that NXT season one performers were even still around, much less in the building. We got a glimpse for  the first time something non PG and it was great!


      Runner up: Randy Orton reverses Evan Bourne's Shooting star Press into an RKO

    Worst Moment... Nexus losing at Summerslam

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      I don't know how Vince can even begin to dig himself out of this hole. I honestly thought the great WWE would finally be stopped. Instead however John Cena hurried backstage to his little phonebooth and wowed all the little kids. Now they have to work from ground zero to even hope to get back to the credibility they spent months working up.


      Runner Up: Mr. McMahon kicking Bret Hart in the crotch

    Best backstage decision... Bringing Daniel Bryan Back

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      Whether this was a work or not WWe finally exhibited some smarts by bringing truly the best in the world at what he does back to the WWE. the only blunder was announcing the resigning on their website. But, in my opinion, anyone who caught this shows that they were not only paying for the PPV but also on at the same time.


      Runner Up: WWE Draft

    Worst Decision... Releasing Shelton Benjamin

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      Vince what in the world were you possibly thinking?? Remember Jack Swagger, the former world champion? Yeah these two guys could have had phenomenal matches on a talent depleted Smackdown roster. In fact they even had a making of a rivalry, with Swagger standing up to Chris Jeicho, he then could have turned his attention to Jack Swagger, imagine these two world class wrestlers competing... But no we had the pleasure of seeing Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger and Randy Orton versus Jack Swagger


      Runner Up: NXT contests.

    Most Overrated... Randy Orton

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      Lets Look at his record this year

      Royal Rumble: Lost to Sheamus

      Elimination Chamber: was eliminated first by Ted Dibiase

      Wrestlemania: Beat Cody and Ted... woooo

      Extreme Rules: Lost to Swagger in an extreme rules match

      Over the Limit: Fought Edge to a double countout

      Fatal Four Way: Lost in the fatal four way for the WWE Championship

      Money In The Bank: Lost in the Raw money in the bank match

      Summerslam: Lost to Sheamus by DQ


      See my Point? Why this man, who hasn't beaten anyone of worth in almost a year of pay per views keeps getting title shots is beyond me.


      Runner Up: Sheamus

    Best Match besides HBK vs Undertaker... Smackdown Money In The Bank

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      Best Match besides HBK vs Undertaker... Smackdown Money In The Bank

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        I'm not a big fan of gimmick matches but this one was great. It had spots in the match, guys like Kofi Kingston who knew how to work a ladder, and an unexpected yet pleasing finish with Kane winning. I definitely preferred this one to the Raw or wrestlemania match.

      Superstar of The Year... John Cena

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        Hear Me out on this, He has been better on the mic than usual, Had two title reigns this year (although one was only for a few minutes) And showed a darker side of himself by attacking Darren Young with the steel steps. Plus, his chemistry with Team WWE was awesome.


        Runner Ups: Sheamus and The Miz