Showdown: TNA/WWE Supercard PPV

Stephen Lyon@jesusfreakinctContributor IIIAugust 19, 2010

Showdown: TNA/WWE Supercard PPV

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     Chris "The Dude" Mueller put out a call for writers to put together their dream PPV with current wrestlers in the WWE, TNA or Combined. This is my PPV, entitled "Showdown".

    As it would be a supercard, the venue I've chosen is Yankee Stadium, which should work as its been the host to not only baseball games, but concerts, hockey games, and boxing matches. Again, as it would be a supercard, it is expected to be a 4 to 4-1/2 hour PPV.

Cruiserweight 20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal

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    The opening contest would be a 20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal, with only mid-carders and cruiserweights. Competitors, in order of appearance:

    Jay Lethal, Dolph Ziggler, Max Buck, Yoshi Tatsu, Shark Boy, Justin Gabriel, Jeremy Buck, Primo Colon, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Caylen Croft, JTG, Trent Baretta, Joey Mercury, Eric Young, Kiyoshi, Kaval, Douglas Williams, Primo Colon, Michael McGillicuty, Santino Marella.

    The final 5 wrestlers: Santino Marella vs. Kaval vs. Jay Lethal vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Kofi Kingston

    How It Breaks Down:

    • Kaval hits "The Warrior's Way" on Santino, and eliminates him with the help of Jay Lethal.
    • Jay Lethal then hits his patented handstand, backspring, back elbow to eliminate Kaval from behind.
    • Lethal then hits a flying elbow on Kingston who roles out of the ring, and Gabriele hits the 450 splash and tosses Lethal over the top rope.
    • As Gabriel is admiring his handiwork, Kofi runs in and hits the "Trouble in Paradise" on Gabriele, kicking him over the top rop

    Winner: Kofi Kingston

TLC Reunion Tornado Tag Team Match

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    In a nostalgia match to see who are the best performers in a TLC, a reunion match: Edge and Christian vs. the Hardy Boyz vs.Team 3D is

    How It Breaks Down:

    Edge and Christian are 2 ladders in the middle of the ring, but Matt and Jeff knock over both and they fall out of the ring. They both start to climb the ladders, and as Jeff's about to reach for the special TLC belt that was made for the occasion, Matt spits in his face and hits a side effect on Jeff through a table, allowing Brother Ray to protect Brother Devon as he climbs for the belt.

    Winner: Team 3D

    After the match, Matt Hardy grabs a microphone and does a promo about how he's sick of living in Jeff's shadow, and how he's always been the better wrestler, the captain of the team, and its time he gets what he deserves: a World Heavyweight Title shot

Double Tag Team Championship Match (TNA and WWE Titles)

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    A match it set up for both the TNA Tag Team Titles and the WWE Tag Team Titles: Pinfall wins the TNA Titles, Ladder match for WWE Titles. The competitors are: Beer Money Inc. vs. Ink Inc. vs. The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos, vs. Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer

    How It Breaks Down: Beer Money and Ink Inc. are brawling outside the ring, and The Hart Dynasty hit a double suicide dive taking them all out. While inside the ring, Zack Ryder hits his elbow drop and Vance Archer hits his snap inverted DDT.

    TNA Tag Title Winners: Curt Hawkinsand Vance Archer

    How The Rest Breaks Down: Beer Money attack Ryder/Archer with chairs and lay them out. Ink Inc. attempt a double dive from the ring, but miss and take themselves out. Inside the ring, The Hart Dynasty hit the Hart Attack on the Usos, toss them out and begin to climb the ladders.

    Beer Money run in, and hit simultaneous low blows, James Storm spits beer in both their faces, then Robert Roode hits a double powerbomb on both members by pulling them off the ladders. He then climbs the ladders while Storm defends.

    WWE Tag Title Winners: Beer Money Inc.

Best Cutter in Wrestling Today

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    Randy Orton and Desmond Wolfe decide they want a match to determine who has the best cutter in wrestling today—any pinfall must follow some type of cutter being hit. A surprise special referee is added and revealed to be: Diamond Dallas Page, the innovator of the Diamond Cutter.

    How It Breaks Down: Randy Orton goes for the "RKO" and Wolfe throws DDP into it, and he's laid out in the middle of the ring. All of a sudden the sound of glass shattering is heard, and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out as the replacement Referee.

    He hits a "Stunner" on Desmond Wolfe, but as he's doing that and his patented finger wag in Wolfe's face, Mr. Anderson runs in from behind and hits a "Mic Check" on Randy Orton, on a Steel Chair. DDP revives and starts fighting with Stone Cold over who's the referee; he appears to give in, but as he turns, apparently to walk away, he hits the "Diamond Cutter."

    This gives Wolfe time to get up, and hit the "Tower of London" on Randy Orton.

    Winner: Desmond Wolfe

WWE Championship match - Fatal 4 Way

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    WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Match with the following participants: A.J. Styles (accompanied by Ric Flair) vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Mr. Anderson

    How It Breaks Down: Cena and Sheamus are out brawling in the stands. While the ref's trying to get them back into the ring, Randy Orton runs in and hits an "RKO" on Mr. Anderson. A.J. Styles then climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits the "Spiral Tap" and then "The Styles Clash".

    WWE Championship Winner: A.J. Styles

    Aftermath: As A.J. celebrates in the ring, a hooded and cloaked person runs into the ring and hits "The Angel's Wings" on Styles and "The Last Rights" on Flair.

    He then whips off the hood, revealing himself to be Christopher Daniels; he gives his half-evil smile, does the Fallen Angel hand symbol, and then hits the "Best Moonsault Ever" on both A.J. and Ric together.

Womens' /Knockouts'/Diva's Title Unification Match

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    A unification match for all of the single womens' championships is booked, with the following contenders:

    Maryse vs. Madison Rayne vs. Sarita vs. Hamada vs. Eve vs. Alicia Fox vs. Jillian

    How It Breaks Down: Eve and Alicia Fox are battling outside, as are Sarita and Madison Rayne. Maryse turns on Jillian and hits the French Kiss. As she stands over Jillian, Hamada nails her from behind and hits the "Hamada Driver"

    Unified Womens' Championship Winner: Hamada

    Aftermath: Maryse, Madison, Sarita, and Alicia all attack Hamada. Eve tries to help but is beaten down. When it looks like Hamada's going down for the count, Beth Phoenix makes a suprise return from injury and cleans house. Segment ends with a stare down between Hamada and Phoenix.

TNA World Championship Match - King of the Mountain

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    King of the Mountain Match for the TNA World Championship. Contenders are: RVD, Rhino, Kevin Nash, Skip Sheffield, Wade Barret, Drew McIntyre, D'Angelo Dinero, Jeff Jarrett

    How It Breaks Down: RVD hits the "Five Star Frog Splash" on Drew McIntire from the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring. Rhino is in the penalty cage. Jeff Jarrett hits "The Stroke" off the cage on Kevin Nash.

    Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield climb the ladder together; Barrett wants Sheffield to give him the title, but he won't and they fight. Dinero knocks over their ladder, and they go through a table outside the ring; He picks up the title and climbs the ladder to hang it.

    TNA World Championship Winner:  D'angelo Dinero

Best Technical Wrestler

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    Best Technical Wrestler Match (Fatal 4 Way). Contenders: Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, William Regal

    How It Wraps Up: Kurt Angle throws Regal out of the ring after an "Angle Slam. He goes for an "Ankle Lock" on Swagger but he rolls through and hits a "low blow." Then, from behind, Daniel Bryan Rolls him up.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match

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    Fatal 4 Way Tag Match for the Knockout's Tag Team Titles. Contenders: Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. Michelle McCool and Layla vs. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany. (Before the match, Teddy Long comes out and says that because it was "plagiarized" from A.J. Styles, Michelle McCool is banned from using the "Faith Breaker".)

    How It Breaks Down: Laycool and the original Beautiful People brawl the entire match over which team's "more perfect".

    Kelly Kelly and Tiffany both try for top rope moves and miss; Kim hits a top turnbuckle leg drop on Tiffany, and Wilde hits a top turnbuckle moonsault on Kelly Kelly and then they attempt a double pin.

    Knockouts Tag Team Title Winners: Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde

X Division Championship - Ultimate X Match

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    Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship. Contenders: Kaz vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Homicide vs. Bryan Kendrick vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Rey Mysterio

    How It Breaks Down: Chavo goes to the top rope, but then Kaz jumps up and does a reverse "Flux Capacitor" out of the ring onto a table.

    R-Truth's brawling with The Miz outside the ring and hits his "Vertical Suplex into a Stunner", and as Chris Sabin does a suicide dive at him, he jumps off the announce table into a "Lie Detector", connecting with Sabin in mid-air, and they both go down.

    Homicide climbs the rope and is about to grab the belt, when Amazing Red jumps from the top of the scaffolding onto the center, slides down and hits a "Code Red" on Homicide from the cables.

    Both are convulsing in pain and roll out of the ring. Alex Shelley and Bryan Kendrick climb the cables but as their fighting while hanging, Evan Bourne sets up a huge table outside the ring and jumps onto the cable, knocking Shelley and Kendrick off, allowing Bourne to try and grab the belt.

    TNA X Division Title Winner: Evan Bourne

Monster's Ball

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    Monster's Ball Match; Participants: Kane vs. Abyss vs. Matt Morgan vs. Sabu vs. Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Terry vs. Raven vs Hernandez. Special Referee: Mick Foley

    How It Breaks Down: Kane sets a table on fire and "choke slams" Abyss through it from the ring apron. However as he lands, Big Show hits the "Knockout Punch" and he goes down. Raven grabs Abyss' bag of tacks and tries to "drop toe-hold" Dreamer into them but Foley's in the way.

    In anger, Raven does it to Foley instead. During this Matt Morgan attempts the "Carbon Footprint" on Hernandez but hits the ring post and falls over clutching his leg, then Rob Terry starts a beat down on him with Hernandez.

    Dreamer hits Raven with a Singapore Cane and Sabu goes to the top rope to do a "leg drop" on Raven with a barbed wire wrapped chair; Raven pulls Dreamer on top, and the chair lands on him.

    The Mick Foley grabs Raven with the "Mandible Claw", using a sock that he's has thumbtacks sticking out of. Hernandez hits the Border Toss on Rob Terry and goes for the cover.

    Winner: Hernandez

Money In The Bank Match

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    MITB Match for a World Title Shot. Contenders: John Morrison, Vladimir Koslov, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Finlay, MVP, Brutus Magnus, Luke Gallows, Stevie Richards.

    How It Breaks Down:

    Cody Rhodes and Dibiase brawl into the stands. Koslov and Magnus team up on MVP, Finlay, and Gallows (laying them all out).

    Then they turn on each other, and Stevie Richards comes in from behind and lays out Koslov. Morrison "superkicks" Richards, then Magnus. He climbs the ladder and hits "Starship Pain" from the top of the ladder on both of them. Then he climbs and reaches for the case.

    Mr. Money In The Bank: John Morrison

Triple Threat Iron Man Match

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    Iron Man Match (45 Minute). Contenders: Samoa Joe vs CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

    Winner: Samoa Joe (2 Pinfalls, 2 Submissions, 1 Count Out)

World Heavyweight Championship Match - 2 out of 3 Falls.

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    2 out of 3 falls Match for the WHC. 1st fall must be a submission, 2nd must be a pinfall, and the 3rd must be a last man standing. Contenders:Sting vs. Undertaker

    How It Goes Down

    • Undertaker and Sting trade fists in the middle of the ring; Sting "irish whips" Undertaker into the corner. He goes for the "Stinger Splash", but he ducks and locks in the "Hell's Gate." Sting is in the ropes and the ref forces Undertaker to break the hold. He climbs the ropes and hits "old school".
    • He goes for a chokeslam, but then Sting rolls through with a "sunset flip" and locks in the "Scorpion Death Lock" in the middle of the ring. Undertaker taps: 1st fall - Sting.
    • Undertaker holds his back and Sting throws some "kidney punches" which put taker down on his knees. As Sting reaches in for the "Scorpion Death Drop" undertaker reaches up and grabs him by the neck and hits a "chokeslam".
    •  He tries for the pin, but Sting kicks out at 2. He tries to "irish whip" sting into the corner, but he reverses and hits the "Stinger Splash" in the corner, and then the "Scorpion Death Drop".
    •  Undertaker kicks out. He hits it again, but the Deadman still kicks out. Then he does his patented "sit up", and lifts sting into air, then hits "The Last Ride." He goes for the pin, but Sting grabs the ropes at 2. He then lifts Sting up and hits the Tombstone. 2nd fall - Undertaker.
    • Undertaker hits another tombstone then stands up for the Ref to count. Sting makes it up at the count of 9. Undertaker lands a "haymaker" but Sting isn't fazed, and the same thing happens 3 more times.
    •  Then Sting does his patented "Flex, Smile, Scream/Yell" and then knocks the undertaker down with a big "right hook". He hits the "Scorpion Death Drop" and stands, but Undertaker gets up at the count of 8.
    • They fight back and forth, and Undertaker goes for "Old School" and hits it. He decides to go for it again, but on the top turnbuckle, Sting reverses and hits a "top turnbuckle, super Scorpion Death Drop". The Ref counts and Sting makes it up at the count of 9

    World Heavyweight Championship Winner:  Sting

The End

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    Thanks for reading. This took a LONG time and a lot of effort, so I appreciate any likes or comments. It was fun to do.