Money In The Bank, Good Thing Or Bad?

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Money In The Bank, Good Thing Or Bad?
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Most of us by now are quite familiar with WWE’s concept of Money In The Bank. For those however, who have lived under a rock for 5 years let me refresh your memory. In a Money In The Bank ladder match a brief case is suspended high above the ring with ladders located strategically around the ring to retrive this brief case. In the brief case resides a contract for a WWE title shot good for one year. This contract can be used at any time, whether it is after a grueling match while your opponent is trying to catch his breath, or after a vicious beatdown. This means that the holder of the brief case is basically biding his time until he is the new WWE champion. Great names like Edge, Rob Van Dam, Kane, CM Punk, and Jack Swagger have done it, but is it really a good thing? This concept can cause the WWE championship to lose credibility. Edge cashed in on the Undertaker less than two months after he won his title at Wrestlemania. Jack Swagger cashed in on Chris Jericho just days after his match with Edge, in fact people were still talking about it, they blinked and they had a new champion. Heck, Jeff Hardy had his championship he had worked so hard to reach for a mere five minutes. Also, in Edge, CM Punk, and Jack Swagger’s case they cashed their contract in on cable television. World championships should never change hands on cable, especially in the opening minutes of the show. As I touched before the reigns cut short by cash ins are usually followed by even shorter reigns. Swagger’s lasted a mere two months.  Punk won his in June and lost in September, defending it three times, winning once without anyone’s help. The MITB can also destroy a man’s career. That may sound drastic but let’s take a look at CM Punk. He has not had a one on one championship match since last year.  He faced the Big Show in a one on three handicap match with the likes of a man we once knew as Festus and Joey Mercury. Oh how far CM Punk has fallen. While in the Miz’s case, this brief case can establish his credibility, it also becomes laughable each week as he tries to cash it in. WWE also overlooked one detail in making him Mr. MITB. He is still the U.S. Champion. While plenty of credible and deserving candidates are out there like John Morrison, Ted Dibiase, Chris Masters, Zach Ryder, and

R Truth, They continue to keep the title on him. While the Money in The Bank ladder match is a fun match to watch, it is a questionable concept and should be handled correctly by WWE. For instance, the holder should pick the ppv and the stipulation. That way there is excitement and the champ is no longer ducking and looking over his shoulder. A champion’s eyes should never convey fear. My message to WWE is this: Resurrect and rejuvenate CM Punk’s and Jack Swagger’s career before the very match that was supposed to jumpstart their career kills it.

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