Santino Marella is the Most Misused Talent in the WWE

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIAugust 19, 2010

It's not that ridiculous of a claim when stating that Santino Marella is the most misused talent in the WWE.

The man has over 20 years of judo experience and was an MMA fighter in Japan. He was also an amateur wrestler as he wrestled at the high school and university levels. With his 20 years of vast knowledge on judo and amateur wrestling, I would think the WWE creative team would utilize Santino Marella a lot better.

His time in Ohio Vally Wrestling was where he portrayed a gimmick of a Russian shoot fighter who went by the name Boris Alexiev. The Boris Alexiev gimmick is the total opposite of the goofy, fun-loving Santino Marella gimmick when it comes to personality and in-ring skills.

Boris Alexiev has shown in the ring some devastating moves that would give you the impression that they are indeed devastating and high impact maneuvers. Boris Alexiev was a very intimidating wrestler when you see him opening a can of whoop ass, so to speak.

Yes, I know it's hard to believe as we are conditioned to seeing Santino Marella cross-dressing and not looking so savvy when it comes to in-ring skills. But as the old saying goes, "you've gotta see it to believe it!"


As you can see Boris Alexiev is a skilled wrestler and the gimmick would have been a success to the point where he could be holding one of the world titles!

In reality, we are stuck with a guy who oozes with charisma but is underutilized as Santino Marella is used for pointless backstage skits and rarely shows any talent in the ring.

Saying it's a missed opportunity is an understatement!

Due to the simple fact that the WWE has a pro wrestler whose in-ring skills match the level of his impressive charisma! Santino Marella fits the mold perfectly as a top draw in the main event scene!

The sad fact is it may be too late or too difficult to make Santino Marella wrestle like he did in OVW and be taken seriously as a wrestler.

So many pro wrestling fans have the misperceptions of Santino Marella in the context of him not able to wrestle. Also many believe he just a comic act in the WWE. With that in mind, there is hope that Santino Marella will one day be a serous threat to the secondary titles and world titles!

This is evidence of that hope:

We can see shades of Boris Alexiev in Santino Marella's comebacks against Jack Swagger. Imagine Santino Marella wrestling like he was Boris Alexiev again! With both men having an amateur wrestling background, we could have been treated to a very good match!

For the WWE to start utilizing Santino Marella correctly, there will have to be steps taken to ensure that the utilization is a success. Santino Marella should be taken out with a brutal storyline injury that would take him out of WWE programming for a year.

The one-year hiatus will help people erase Santino Marella from their consciousness. Once the year mark passes, Santino Marella comes back still as a humorous but very serious wrestler. He could state in a promo that during the hiatus that he has improved on his in-ring skills and has a match to prove it.

That may be one of the few ways to have Santino Marella taken seriously as an in-ring competitor, but even then it will take a lot of effort by the WWE and by Santino Marella himself.

Until appropriate steps are taken, Santino Marella will continue to be the most misused talent in the WWE!