Dear WWE: Quit Wasting Morrison

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

John Morrison is the complete package. Morrison is the real and truly the Guru of Greatness, and yet, WWE seems to waste this talented star. 

2009 was truly a great year for Morrison. After a split with the Miz, Morrison turned face and perfomed very well on SmackDown! Great matches were shown, and Morrison's stats and stardom were growing. The Shaman of Sexy won the Intercontinental title for the third time and held the belt for a few months. 

And then, something happened and Morrison had a turn for the worse. He lost the title and started to jobbing to Drew McIntyre. Morrison would continue to job to his ex-tag team partner the Miz at several pay-per-views. 

Finally, there was a glimmer of hope. Morrison was moved to RAW, along with Edge and R-truth. Things looked promising for the new Monday Night Delight. However, WWE is continuing to waste Morrison's talent.   

Morrison was off due to an injury and a small push was given to Evan Bourne instead.  We get to see, on a rare occasion, a win from Morrison. In most cases, though, he's just a jobber. 

At SummerSlam, Morrison did eliminate one of the Nexus members but was then squashed by the talentless Skip Sheffield. I was in hopes of a heel-turn that evening, but that did not happen. The next night on RAW, we got to see another loss.

Why are you doing this, WWE? Morrison deserves a title, yet you continue to bury this guy. The Shaman of Sexy is way over with the crowd. Merchandise continues to be added on the WWE website for Morrison, like a top rope T-shirt (usually set aside for multiple champions) and even a DVD. 

Perhaps, and I hope this is true, that there are bigger plans for Morrison. Morrison's new facial hair could possibly be a sign of a much needed heel-turn. We love Morrison as a heel, but in any case, stop having Morrison job. He is far more valuable to WWE then they realize. 

You have a star, sitting right in front of you. Morrison is ready now. Let him shine. 

To the creative control over in WWE: Quit wasting Morrison!