Florida Gators Give Freshman Wide Receiver a Look at Safety

McLeod NealeAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

Due to the loss of players like Jamar Hornsby, Dorian Munroe, Dee Finley, Jeremy Finch, and John Curtis, true freshman wide receiver TJ Lawrence is getting a look at Safety.

The safety position has become a position of concern, as Florida has lost almost all of its depth entirely due to a rough offseason.

To get more details on how this concern at Safety came about, please read my article, Florida Football: Depth at Safety Major Concern for the Gators.

This move should be no surprise, due to the fact that Lawrence was being recruited by many big-time programs to play safety. 

In fact, some very knowledgeable people out there think that Lawrence is a better talent at safety than at wide receiver, even though he was originally recruited as wide receiver by the Gators. 

He could end up at either position at Florida.  Here is a great video of TJ Lawrence in his junior year of high school that shows his ball skills as Safety:


The best way to describe TJ Lawrence at wide receiver is the same way that I like to describe Florida senior wide receiver Louis Murphy. 

There is not one aspect of his game that is absolutely jaw-dropping, but the reason he is such a great talent is that he does so many things well.  He is simply a well-rounded player, and that is what makes him so good. 

Both players are being overlooked because the focus is on other players.  Louis Murphy is a superb talent that any other coach in the SEC would love to have due to his hands, height, and speed, but not many people know about him due to the hype that surrounds Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin. 

Similarly, TJ Lawrence is being overshadowed by two great talents entering the SEC, in Alabama's Julio Jones and Georgia's AJ Green.  Here is some additional footage of TJ Lawrence in action at wide receiver and safety:

The safety position is more promising at this point than it was when I wrote that previous article.  Walk-on John Curtis, who is probably ahead of Ahmad Black on the depth chart, may not be out as long as anticipated.  That is good news for the Gators.

Curtis was next in line after Dorian Munroe went down with a knee injury, but he had a knee injury of his own.  If Curtis can make it back before the season starts, it should give the Gators more depth than I originally anticipated.

The other news is that Cooper will not move to safety.  If any additional depth is needed, there is a good chance that AJ Jones could also make a move back to safety.