2010 College Football Predictions: South Carolina Gamecocks' QB Issues

DJ BatchlerCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

COLUMBIA, SC - NOVEMBER 28:  Cocky, the South Carolina Gamecocks mascot celebrates a first half touchdown against the Clemson Tigers at Williams-Brice Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Columbia, South Carolina.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

With two weeks left until the opening kickoff of the 2010 college football season, South Carolina has just added questions—not answers. Shortly after G.A. Mangus said the pieces were coming together, Steve Spurrier shuffled them up.

Spurrier stated that both Stephen Garcia and True Freshman Connor Shaw will take snaps in the season opener against Southern Miss on September 2. There are a few problems that come with that statement, all of which may be cause for alarm in Columbia.

It goes back to the saying, "if you have two quarterbacks you don't have one." A key weakness of a two quarterback system is that the offense doesn't have a true leader. So either Garcia and Shaw didn't take the reigns or Spurrier wasn't happy with who did.

Another problem is the adjustments the offensive line has to make. Two quarterbacks in one game means the line has to adjust on the fly. When the quarterbacks rotate in and out in one game, it only worsens the problem.

For anyone who has followed the Gamecocks over the last several seasons, it's obvious that any extra pressure on the offensive line is a disaster waiting to happen. Bad decisions behind the line have been exacerbated by shoddy line-play on a weekly basis.

Another big problem for the 2010 South Carolina quarterback carousel will be the similarities of Shaw and Garcia. And while they aren't the same quarterback by any means, neither has a problem outside the pocket, so the pace won't change to confuse the defense when the substitution is made.

There's another burning question in the minds of some right now. With Spurrier so focused on the passing game again, where is the dedication to the running game the Carolina fans have been hearing about?

There is a fine line between brilliance and insanity, and that line has now been blurred. Spurrier has tried playing two quarterbacks before, and each time proves more disastrous than the previous attempt—especially at South Carolina.

With high hopes silently creeping around Williams-Brice stadium, this seems like the worst possible time for the Head Ball Coach to toy with the confidence of his quarterbacks. If the quarterback—or, quarterbacks in this case—aren't confident, who does the team turn to when they need a pep talk?

2010 was a supposed to be a statement making season. Now however, it's starting just like previous ones have ended—with more questions than answers. There's no clear cut starting quarterback, no indication of whether the running game will be utilized, and no way to know what lies ahead.

It's safe to say that on Thursday night, September 2, 2010, Gamecock fans will be anxiously watching the best roster South Carolina has had in many seasons take the field for the first time.  But how many times before December will the leader of that roster change?