Create Your Own PPV: WWE-TNA: The All Star Break

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

Create Your Own PPV: WWE-TNA: The All Star Break

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    Chris "The Dude" Mueller recently challenged us to create a dream PPV. The PPV consists of both WWE and TNA wrestlers.

    I read an article earlier by Travis Smith, good article by the way, that pitted TNA vs WWE in an invasion type.

    That was my original choice but since it was taken I came up with a different idea. An All-Star break.

    Just like in the MLB, it would take place halfway between Wrestlemania. All the wrestlers from TNA and WWE take part in this event to show who truly is an All-Star.


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     This match is a one fall Fatal-Four Way singles match.

     "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

     Douglas Williams

     Kofi Kingston

     Jay Lethal

    This would be a great, athletic match up. Funny too once the TNA guys get a look at "Dashing" Rhodes and how he does not like to take punches to the face.

    I would put my winners on here but I thought it would be best to let you guys decide.

The Dark Match: Triple Threat Hell-In-A-Cell

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     This is one I would personally love to see.

     The Undertaker



    This would be one hell of a match, literally. 

    Now I am not really certain of Abyss's history with this match or if he has ever been in one, or any like it.

    Kane vs. Taker by itself is always a good match but throw in the crazy Abyss and it becomes epic.

    Winner: ?

Champion vs. Champion Match

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    This one took some time to think of and it kind of could screw either champ but still would be fun to watch.


    Randy Orton

    A.J. Styles

    Kurt Angle

    Now the stipulation for this match is kind of weird, so bear with me here. Obviously, if A.J. Styles or Angle pinned Sheamus, they couldn't get the WWE belt.

    So if one of them were to get the pin on the Celtic Warrior then Randy Orton would win the belt, and so would Kurt Angle.

    If Sheamus pinned anybody, then the two champions would leave as champions.

    So pretty much If you don't have the title and you pin the champ yourself and the other brand's wrestler who doesn't have the belt would win it.

    If a champion pinned you then both champs leave as champs.

Tag Team Elimination Chamber

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    I know it would be pretty much impossible to get a hell in a cell and an elimination chamber in the same night but just pretend they're both hanging up over the ring.

    This is an idea I have had for a long time since I saw the first Elimination Chamber Match.

    Instead of individuals in the cage we put tag teams in there. We also bring back some classics for this match, as well as some current tag teams.

     Edge & Christian

     The Hart Dynasty

     Motor City Macine Guns

     Team 3-D

     Beer Money

     The Hardy Boys

    Together for one last match we see E&C teaming up and Jeff and Matt each coming from the opposite brand to team up.