The Dream WWE vs. TNA Pay-Per-View: Invasion 2010

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIAugust 18, 2010

The Dream WWE vs. TNA Pay-Per-View: Invasion 2010

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    Chris Mueller AKA "The Dude", presented an oppertunity for fans to come up with their own dream pay-per-view event with either WWE or TNA stars. This event could use both rosters and it could be done in any sort of manner presented by the booker so I decided to make a pay-per-view event that pitted TNA agianst WWE. This event would have somewhat of an original event, "Invasion". The pay-per-view event would have eight matches on the card and each match would have WWE and TNA stars involved. This one time only event would be held in September since their are no major pay-per-view events from either company. The location would be in Las Vegas, Nevada and the theme song would be entitled, "Sell Your Soul: by Hollywood Undead.

    So I hope you the fans enjoy this card and please enter in this competition by checking out Chris's article and submitting it. If you have any comments on my dream pay-per-view then please leave them below in the comment box.





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WWE Introduction

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    Since the WWE's inception, countless big-name wrestlers have worked for the McMahons.

    Guys like Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Andre The Giant made a huge impact on the WWE landscape.

    Today, the WWE is top dog in the eyes of wrestling fans.  The WWE not only produces an entertaining show each week,  they also bring life to every city in which they perform.   

    Although in recent years the WWE has felt some heat from TNA, WWE officials do not truly consider this rival federation a threat in terms ratings due to differences in product and general opinion.

    Still, I see great entertainment potential in having two worlds collide.


TNA Introduction

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    Before we get to the matches, here is a little background on TNA:

    TNA is not as acclaimed or established as the WWE but  has made a name for itself since Jeff Jarrett founded the company. TNA was viewed as both a place for WCW castoffs to call home and also a place for young talents to make a name for themselves before progressing to the WWE.

    TNA is now focused on building their reputation as the WWE's chief rival by offering fans a non-PG program and a more intense style of wrestling.

    TNA needs to improve many areas of its product, but it is impossible to ignore their presence in the professional wrestling world.  As long as they continue to offer their fans one hell of a wresting experience, they will put pressure on WWE's reign. 


Match One: Ultimate X Match

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    Now, on to the matches!

    The opening match–an ultimate X bout–should get huge fan reaction.

    TNA Participants:  Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Amazing Red

    WWE Participants:  John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes


    This match pits four starts from each federation battling it out to decide who the ultimate high-flyer is in all of professional wrestling.  I believe this match will showcase the styles that make each of these men top lightweight wrestlers.

    My pick to win is John Morrison.  In a truly show-stealing type of match, I see the deserving Morrison utilizing aspects of past success in prevailing for the WWE. 

Match Two: TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas Battle Royal

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    Well the ladies need some love from the wrestling audience and what better way to display their talents than in a battle royal right? Well this battle royal would be better than most because its all about the bragging rights and it would truly be fun to watch TNA knockouts agianst WWE divas.

    My pick to win the match would be Taylor Wilde because she has the most wrestling ability out of all the women in pro wrestling. This battle royal would be a fast paced match that would see women being thrown out of the ring at a rapid pace until we got down to the last two, Taylor and Maryse. Maryse would be cocky for sure but in the end it would cost her the win as Taylor would dump Maryse over the top rope with a massive dropkick.

Match Three: Kane vs. Abyss, Monster's Ball Match

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    Kane and Abyss are the two monsters for the wrestling industry. Kane has raised hell in the WWE since 1997 and along the way he has been a world champion, tag team champion, IC champion, and one of the toughest guys to take out. Abyss has been world champion before in TNA and he too has raised hell in TNA but Abyss also has had his low points by being less than human in some promos until this year when he turned back into a blood thirsty monster. These two men are monsters for sure so what better match to place these two in then a monster's ball?

    This match would be violent for sure as I could see both men going to the absolute extreme to prove which monster would rule suprime in all of wrestling. Kane maybe getting a renewed push in WWE as a monster but in the end, he wouldn't have enough to beat Abyss in this hardcore war.

Match Four: Nexus vs Styles, Beer Money, Kaz, Morgan, and Wolfe

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    WWE's new young stable Nexus has been the center of everybody's articles in the entire wrestling world. Nexus has brought more buzz to the WWE than any other group of young stars has since 2005 and Nexus is continuing to get better each and every week.

    TNA has a stable that is founded by Ric Flair, Fourtune. Fourtune is a group of young stars who are willing to make everyone's lives in TNA a living hell until they have all the power. Fourtune is made up of AJ Styles, Kaz, and Beer Money. Matt Morgan and Desmond Wolfe are trying to join the fold so they are willing to bash in anybody's skulls to get into Flair's stable.

    This tag team match would have the two hottest stables colliding at one time and with so much on the line, expect a lot of cheating to happen. I would have Nexus pull off the upset victory because they are young and they can beat anyone as a unit.

Match Five: Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle

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    Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle are two of the best mat based wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling. These two men are fan favorites because of their in ring work and thats why I decided to book these two men in a match agianst each other.

    Both guys could eaisly tear down the house if they fought agianst each other so I'd be on the edge of my seat throughout the entire match. I could see it going either way but in the end, Kurt Angle would finally make Daniel Bryan tap out to the ankle lock.

Match Six: Undertaker vs. Sting: Casket Match

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    This match has been one that all wrestling fans have wanted to see for years now. Sting and The Undertaker both had very dark gimmicks back in the time where wrestling was so hot among fans. These two men have done it all in the wrestling industry and well it would be about time to see these two great wrestlers finally do battle in the ring.

    I think Sting would have to work the match as a heel because fans don't really boo Undertaker anymore and well Sting can still work as a very successful heel so this way he could be dark and hated by the fans. I also would book this match as a casket match just to give it a darker feel to the bout but in the end, Undertaker would come out as the winner of this war.

Match Seven: Mr.Anderson vs. Randy Orton

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    Ken Anderson hates Randy Orton because he felt like Randy Orton cost him his job at WWE after Anderson botched a suplex to Orton. Anderson cheered on Twitter when Orton injured his shoulder last May at Over The Limit. With all the hatred between these two men, this match would be the best way to settle all the problems between these two men.

    Orton and Anderson both are the "bad-ass" babyfaces that the fans love now a days but both men could also be amazing heels so booking this type of match would be a challenge for sure. I would have to give the nod to Orton on this one because he is one of the biggest draws in wrestling and he is simply better than Anderson.

Main Event: Three Ring-All Superstars Battle Royal

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    The Main Event would be the world war three battle royal match that was made so famous in WCW. This match would have one ring of just WWE RAW superstars, one ring of WWE SmackDown superstars, and one ring of TNA superstars. The three rings would be battle royals in which we would get to see a battle royal in each ring and there would only be one winner per ring.

    Winners: RAW- John Cena, SD!- CM Punk, TNA- Samoa Joe

    Those three men would battle in a triple threat match in order to determine who the best superstar is in all of pro wrestling. I would pick John Cena to win because he is the poster boy of WWE and well you cannot make Vince McMahon make Cena lose right? Overall we would see a great match and I think the fans would be pleased with this epic main event.