WWE Smackdown Review: Caskets Are Calling

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2010

Vicki Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler In-Ring Segment

Vicki Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler kicked off the show in the ring dressed in Hawaiian shirts. Ziggler was sporting the Intercontinental championship around his waist. Vicki said that Ziggler is more electrifying than the Rock, has more heart than Bret, and is sexier than Shawn Michaels.

Vicki delivered her promo with perfection. She is doing for Ziggler what she did for Edge. I just hope that the similarities are few and far and between and that this isn’t just a regurgitation of the La Familia angle.

Ziggler thanked Vicki for her support which generated a large amount jeers from the crowd. Vicki said that they were going to celebrate the title victory in Tahiti.

Kofi Kingston attacked Dolph Ziggler until a group of referees separated them.

Teddy Long told Ziggler that he would be defending the Intercontinental championship against Kingston. Vicki then said that Kofi should face Kane tonight. Long put her in her place and reminded her that he is the GM. Kofi said that he is not a coward and would face Kane next.

I am still not sure how I feel about Kingston’s aggressive edge. His super babyface act made him stand out. I am not sure if this will cost him some younger fans or not.

I really hate this trend of mixing pay-per-view matchups. How does it help promote the Intercontinental championship match by having them destroyed by the Main Event participants?

Segment Rating: 9/10

(WC) Kane vs. Kofi Kingston Match

Kofi went at Kane from the get go with ruthless aggression. Kofi kicked Kane off the top rope leaving the Big Red Machine on the apron. Kofi landed a suicide dive dropping Kane on the floor. Kofi attempted Trouble in Paradise but Kane ducked thus causing Kofi to kick the corner post.

Kane relentlessly worked on Kofi’s injured right leg. Kofi landed a pendulum kick in the corner. Kofi then looked to land a high flying maneuver until Kane grabbed him by the throat. Kane executed a chokeslam from the top rope. Kane finished off Kofi with a Tombstone Piledriver for the victory.

Kane took the microphone after the match. Kane called Mysterio desperate and said that he would pay for his lies at SummerSlam. Kane said that vengeance will be delivered by the “Devil’s Favorite Demon."

Mysterio refuted Kane’s claims. He said that he was God’s humble servant. Mysterio said that Kane was the one responsible.

Kofi and Kane had an entertaining matchup despite the lack of back story.

Kane is looking better than ever in the ring and promo-wise.

Mysterio delivered another Rated G promo. I am just waiting for the Justice League to show up to help Mysterio to fight evil.

Match Rating: 7/10

Post-Match: 6/10

Christian vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes Match

Prior to the start of the match, McIntyre spoke with Rhodes. McIntyre told Rhodes that if he doesn’t beat Christian, he won’t be dashing, and would be disappointed.

Rhodes landed some punches but Christian tossed Rhodes on the outside. Christian was selling the shoulder injury from two weeks ago.

Rhodes worked on Christian’s shoulder for a few minutes.

Christian landed a cross-body-press from the top rope. He followed it with a flying European uppercut. Christian did his classic middle rope throat choke. He executed a sunset flip for the near fall.

The end of the match saw Rhodes throw Christian into the post. Rhodes won with the Cross Rhodes on Christian.

Rhodes has been on a tear as of late. His new persona has definitely gotten him a push.

Rhodes has defeated Christian and Matt Hardy in the last two weeks.

This doesn’t look good for Christian’s chance at a push. I wonder if he yearns for the days of ECW.

Match Rating: 8/10

Big Show vs. 3 Jobbers Match

Big Show destroyed them despite having an injured right hand after the attack from SES last week. This was basically a throw-away match.

SES showed up after the match to remind him that the Jobbers are not the SES. CM Punk isn’t wearing his arm sling this week.

Match Rating: 3/10

Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy Match

McIntyre and Hardy exchanged some offensive moves until Hardy knocked McIntyre to the outside.

McIntyre went after Hardy who sent him over the guard rail into the crowd. Hardy followed it with a Side Effect on the ring apron. Once he got McIntyre into the ring, Hardy got a near fall.

McIntyre turned things around and dropped Hardy with a devastating power bomb.

Hardy charged at McIntyre which sent them to the outside. McIntyre threw Hardy into the ring steps. McInyre put Hardy’s foot between the steps and stomped on it. Hardy removed his boot and re-entered the ring. McIntyre finished off Hardy with a Future Shock DDT.

Hardy has jobbed to Rhodes and McIntyre in the last two weeks. There are rumors that Hardy has failed a test and violated WWE’s wellness policy. This may have been Hardy’s exit while he serves out his suspension.

It appears, much like Jeff, that Matt has some issues with illegal substances. The Hardy Boyz equals drugs and suspensions.

Match Rating: 6/10

Swagger and MVP In-Ring Segment

The former World Champion made his way to the ring. He reminded everyone that he isn’t part of SummerSlam.

MVP interrupted Swagger and said that nobody cares about Swagger’s problems. MVP reminded Swagger that he beat him last year at SummerSlam. That comment prompted Swagger to hit MVP with the microphone. Swagger continued the attack threw MVP on the outside.

I cannot believe that Swagger isn’t apart of SummerSlam. He was the World Champion only a few months ago. Now he is being thrown back into a feud with MVP? MVP didn’t even qualify for Money in the Bank which means that he wasn’t even in the top 10 of Smackown at the time.

Segment Rating: 8/10

Jack Swagger vs. MVP Match

They went back and forth at the beginning of the match. Swagger got the advantage and used a lot of wear down holds to slow down the pace.

Swagger threw MVP into the corner wear he caught him by the ankles. He dropped him MVP face first on the mat. Swagger locked in the ankle lock but MVP got to the rope.

Swagger attempted a Vader Bomb but landed on MVP’s knees. MVP later signaled that he was going to go for his Ballin’ elbow drop. Swagger hopped up and hit him with a boot. Swagger grabbed MVP’s ankle to lock in the ankle but MVP rolled him up for the victory.

What an upset. I cannot believe that they have dropped Swagger back to the mid-cards to fight MVP again.

Match Rating: 7/10

Cody Rhodes Vignette

This week’s “Dashing Tip” was how to properly clean your ears of wax.

His entrance is in the top three of the WWE. Only Morrison and McIntyre could claim to have better ones. His entrance music is the coolest by far.

Cody Rhodes will be Intercontinental champion very soon.

Vignette Rating: 7/10

Alberto Del Rio Vignette

These were getting old but this last one was the best of them all. He criticized everyone for squandering their opportunities.

Matt Stryker announced that Alberto Del Rio will be making his debut next week.

I think that this guy is going to make an impact. He is already getting my attention as a top heel before his first match.

“Alberto Del Rio” has made me already forget that his father is a Dos Caras. He has legit skills being that he has competed in MMA.

Alberto Del Rio appears to have made a good decision by dropping the mask. Let’s hope it works out better for him than it did for Psycosis and Juventud Guerrera.

He will undoubtedly feud with Rey Mysterio eventually.

Vignette Rating: 10/10

Rey Mysterio vs. (IC) Dolph Ziggler Match

Ziggler controlled the match with stomps and wear down holds.

Mysterio fought out of a side headlock eventually leading into a set up for the 619. But before he could attempt his popular move, Kane’s pyro exploded. Kane made his way to the ring with a casket.

Zigger regained control and dropped Mysterio on the top rope. Ziggler landed a barrage of elbow drops and got a near fall.

Mysterio sent Ziggler into the ring post. Mysterio put Ziggler down with a seated senton.

Ziggler executed an electric chair drop on Mysterio and followed it with a pin cover. Mysterio kicked out before Ziggler could get the three-count.

Mysterio attempted a spring board moonsault but Ziggler caught him. Ziggler tried to lock him the sleeper hold but Mysterio sent him into the ropes. Mysterio went for the 619 but Ziggler blocked it. Mysterio out nowhere rolled Ziggler up for the win.

Kane tried to get into the ring but Mysterio hit him with a reverse 619. Kane didn’t sell it and grabbed Mysterio by the throat. Mysterio dropped Kane’s arm across the rope and sent Kane into the casket.

The match was excellent. I was glad to see it continue to a finish despite Kane being on the outside.

Match Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts

It was a great Smackdown show this week. I don’t know about everyone else but I didn’t get to see the show on television until Saturday as it was preempted this week. I was glad to see them add the Ziggler vs. Kofi match to the pay-per-view. I am disappointed however in the absence of Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, and Christian from SummerSlam.

WWE’s new version of Scotty Too Hotty is Matt Hardy. Sorry IWC, he will never win another singles title in the WWE.

Final Rating: 8/10


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