MLB: Power Ranking Week 19

Lucas DavisCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2008

Don't bother reading this if your team has been eliminated. I stopped at 17 because I didn't feel there was a reason to talk about the depressing bottom.                          

WINNERS: Angels, Twins, Cubs, and Red Sox

LOSERS: A's, Giants, and Rockies.  


1) Los Angeles Angels: Staying at the top is easy when you add Mark Teixeira to your squad.

2) Boston Red Sox: Getting rid of Manny Ramirez and adding Jason Bay might of been the best move they have ever made. You just watch and see.

3) Chicago Cubs: Sweeping the Brew crew and getting Wood back. This team might be for real. 

4) Philadelphia Phillies: Howard is swinging a hot stick and ever since rejoining the team, Myers has seemed to find his game. 

5) Milwaukee Brewers: They might of been swept at home but the Prince will keep this team together.

6) Tampa Bay Rays: They're hanging in there.

7) New York Mets: They have fallen since last week, but don't think they're out.

8) New York Yankees: They're playing better ball, but they're going to have to step it up even more to keep up with the Sox and Rays.

9) Minnesota Twins: Did you know they're in first place, and Liriano is coming back.

10) Chicago White Sox: Adding Jr was key, but the White Sox still lack pitching.

11) Arizona Diamondbacks: Keep up the offense.

12) Florida Marlins: Don't count them out, but they're lack of defense could be hurting them.

13) Detroit Tigers: Loosing Pudge wasn't that bad. The young rookie Tigers need to step it up.

14) St. Louis Cardinals: All you need is Albert.

15) Texas Rangers: I might of fallen into the Hamilton trap. Hamilton is only .250 since the All Star game.

16) Los Angeles Dodgers: I hate to say it but the Dodgers are getting better. Adding Manny Ramirez will either help propel the Dodgers into the playoffs, or destroy the team chemistry.

17) Toronto Blue Jays: Halladay is pretty much the only reason the Jays are over .500.