Why Brady Quinn Is Facing a Make or Break Year

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistAugust 18, 2010

Brady Quinn
Brady QuinnJoe Robbins/Getty Images

If you thought Kurt Warner's rags to riches story was great, think again.  The Denver Broncos are now writing their own, and this time around, it looks very promising.

In a year that sees the Broncos set up for a substantial amount of success in comparison to the past few years, Denver's current roster looks impressive at the present time.

Considering that the Broncos were one of the more unimpressive teams in the league last season, I think you'll agree that this offseason has looked promising, given the dismissal of problem player Brandon Marshall, and the addition Tim Tebow.

For the most part, the Broncos look to be a solid team for the future.  They have the youth and talent to go far, and even though Josh McDaniels is still taking a large power trip in the name of all that is right in Mile High, perhaps Denver's hopes this season aren't all that diluted, when it comes to visiting the postseason.

But to keep the terrible trend going, once again Denver has encountered a problem that may not be so easy to solve in a short space of time. 

So who am I talking about?  Why Brady Quinn of course, the troubled player that looked downright poor in week-one of the preseason, and failed to impress just about everyone that tuned in to see the Tim Tebow Show.

In the past, Brady Quinn hasn't been all that fantastic.  Sure, he isn't on the level that JaMarcus Russell once was with the Oakland Raiders, but when Brady was a Brown, he caused a few fans to tear their hair out and question why he was drafted by Cleveland in 2007.

I guess the problem with Brady Quinn has been simple.  Where has all this so called "talent" evaporated to in the past four years?

Well, to be quite frank, it's now arguable that Brady Quinn never was that talented to begin with. After all, he did complete the 2009 season with 1,339 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions.

However, that was all in the past, and even though Brady Quinn looked totally out of place Sunday night in Cleveland, he may still stand up and perform at a high level. 

While we are discussing Brady Quinn's time in Denver though, perhaps the outlook on his expectations has changed a little after his disappointing start in preseason.

For you see, the entire purpose of Brady Quinn was to motivate Kyle Orton.  Last year, Kyle Orton notably struggled, and was indeed in need of a kick start to help move not only his career along, but the entire Denver Broncos season along as well.

And has Brady Quinn provided that kick start?  Of course not, heck, he is now fending Tim Tebow off for the back up starting role.

When it comes time to judge Brady Quinn, we may all be being a little harsh on him.  Sure, he failed on Sunday night, but let's remember Josh McDaniels does run a complicated game plan, and it doesn't help when Denver is still lacking a No. 1 wide receiver that a young quarterback could rely upon.

Still, when Brady Quinn looks totally out of sync from the get go, some questions really must be asked, and that is exactly what happened Sunday night, after his ultimate no-show.

"Obviously, I could've done some things better here and there," said Quinn two days later. "But that's why we come out here to practice, that's why we're working on it...things are never always as bad as they look and never as good as they look on film."

Although Brady Quinn's positive spin is appreciated, there is no real cover up for his performance.  He looked bad, end of story.

Luckily for Denver fans both Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow showed up in more ways than one, and that has perhaps saved Brady Quinn a little, as fortunately he isn't the starting quarterback this season.

Brady Quinn is now facing a make it or break it year, and with JaMarcus Russell now out of work, Brady Quinn could easily be the next face to front up to the unemployment office.

Hopefully it won't come to that, and hopefully Brady Quinn endures a nice tenure as the second string or third string quarterback in Denver.  If his season starts off as poorly as he looked in week one...well, I hate to think what may happen for this still struggling player.


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