WEC 35 Results: Three Championship Fights!

Derek BedellAnalyst IAugust 3, 2008

WEC comes to you from Las Vegas, Nevada as there are three title matches tonight to look forward to.  Before that, we start in the Bantamweight division for some quick start action...

Bantamweight Bout:  Damacio Page (10-3) Vs. Brian Bowles (5-0)

Both fighters come out throwing some combinations.  Page misses a high kick and then follows up with one that connects to Bowles' ribs. 

The "Angel of Death" attacks with a straight left/ right combo followed by a kick in which he slips.

Page throws short elbows from the closed guard. Bowles fires some ground and pound from top position.  Damacio gets pushed against the cage.

Bowles attempts a guillotine but Damacio slips out and reverses Bowles to the wall of the cage.  Page stands up and we are back on our feet.

A brief exchange shows Bowles to be more technical and only concentrating on punches.  Page will occasionally throw a wild kick that gets him in trouble, balance and position wise.

Damacio lands a nice low kick to the thigh.  Bowles shoots in and gets stuffed, somewhat, by Page.

Bowles throws a knee to the body as Damacio tries to shoot a single on him. 

Page forgets to position his head on the inside of Bowles body and gets caught in a standing guillotine.

Damacio attempts for a slam but collapses backwards to the canvas as he taps.

Winner:  Brian Bowles (6-0) 1st rd submission 3:30 (guillotine choke)

We see some familiar faces in the crowd.  Rashad Evans, Miguel Torres, Cain Velasquez, and Urijah Faber's annoying cheese smile and hand sign are all sitting ringside as we get ready for the Lightweight Title match.

WEC Lightweight Championship: Jamie Varner (14-2-1) Vs. Marcus Hicks (8-0)

Marcus Hicks comes out to the ring to 2pac's "Hail Mary/ Rock remix."  I thought it was great.

Match begins with each fighter judging the distance between the two.

They clinch and move against the cage. 

Varner attempts to throw a high knee, Hicks catches it and slams Jamie to the mat.

He jumps right back up but gets thrown to the mat again.  Varner regains his position as Hicks goes for his famous guillotine.

Varner escapes quickly and moves out of a single leg takedown attempt.

They move back to the middle of the cage.

Jamie goes for a high kick that Hicks shrugs off.  He follows with a body kick and a quick Muay Thai clinch.

Then it all goes wrong for Marcus.

He eats two on point knees and rushes in on Varner. You can see Hicks is hurt here.

Varner smells the blood and goes into fatality mode.

Hicks eats about ten punches before he crumbles down to the mat. 

It's not over!

He somehow rises up as Jamie is pounding the hell out of him.  A few more knees followed by three consecutive right hands sends Marcus down for good.

Mazzagotti stops the fight. 

Hicks showed he has a strong chin as he took a whooping!  He should definitely get some respect for that.  His stand up skills and repertoire are nowhere near Varner's but the man is tough.

Jamie gives Hicks some respect saying he'll probably see him again in the future.  He hints that either a fight with the "Cowboy" or "Razor Rob 2" could be next for him in the WEC.

Winner, and still WEC Lightweight Champion: Jamie Varner (15-2-1) by 1st rd TKO 2:08

Welterweight bout:  Brock Larson (24-2)  Vs. Carlo Prater (23-6-1)

They feel each other out slowly to start.  Prater misses a high kick.

Larson keeps throwing out a lazy jab and then unleashes a straight left that jolts Prater on the chin.

Down goes Carlo as he buckles to the mat.  Brock pounces and fires in lefts.

Goodnight Prater, the fight is stopped.

Most forget that Larson is now 25-2.  That's a sick record and he should be next in line for a rematch with Carlos Condit for the Welterweight strap, depending on how tonight goes.

Winner:  Brock Larson (25-2) by KO rd 1, 0:37

Urijah Faber is on camera talking about the upcoming bout with Mike Brown.  I think this may be a fight he loses.  Brown is incredibly strong.  It should be a good test for Faber.

Faber then plugs some gimmick contest for an energy drink where someone can spend a day with him, training and such.

WEC Light Heavyweight Championship:  Steve Cantwell (5-1)Vs. Brian Stann (6-0)

Cantwell is attempting to avenge a previous loss to Stann.  However, the former Marine thinks that there is no chance he will even make it a fight.

The stare down was pretty intense.  Both fighters can't wait for this one, as well as the crowd.

Cantwell's movement is crisp.  Nice body shot and then he moves away.

Check right hand thrown over the top from Cantwell that connects.

A fast paced exchange, a clinch and a knee catches Stann, Cantwell shoots in and presses Stann against the cage.

The Marine surely got the worst of that exchange.

Cantwell is more dynamic in his strikes and it's becoming obvious.

He connects again with nice lefts in the pocket.

Back to the middle where Cantwell slips after a knee.  Stann starts raining punches down that are connecting.

Cantwell gets up, or should I say escapes, and the round ends.

Clearly a 10-9 round for Cantwell, but a scare at the end.

Round 2

Stann throws a kick that hits Cantwell in the "junk" area.  A quick little stop so Steve can catch his breath.

As we resume, Cantwell lands a body shot.  They circle around.

Steve comes in with a precise body shot you could hear from the back row of the Arena.

He follows with a kick and right hand as Stann gets smothered against the cage.

Cantwell is very versatile and Stann basically has a jab, straight, hook, and a moderate leg kick to use.  He's becoming very predicable to a fighters' eye.

Back to the middle as Cantwell attempts to shoot in but Stann stuffs it.

Against the cage again as Steve lands some knees. He follows up with a left and right hook.  Then two body shots, another knee followed by a Brazilian kick and Stann is stunned!

Cantwell starts throwing a mixture of things as Stann is fighting back and trying to stand up straight and simply...survive.

A kick to the ribs, followed by an uppercut and a right hook has Stann one more strike away from dropping.

A right hook connects on the chin and there it is.  Down goes Stann!

The fight is stopped as Stann lost simply because his skill set is not where Cantwell's is right now.  He's too basic and not as versatile in his striking.

Oh, and he didn't connect with his BIG power shots that won him every other fight.

Expect a Cantwell/ Stann 3 as this was a good fight, actually more like a mini war. 

Stann was very classy in defeat as he said, "Cantwell was just more accurate and technical tonight.  He took me out of my game.  No excuses, I'm a baby in this sport and have so much to learn.  I haven't fulfilled my potential yet.  I'm going to make sure tonight was the best thing that ever happened to me." 

He gained more respect from me after those comments, no excuses.

Winner, and NEW Light Heavyweight Champion: Steve Cantwell (6-1) by TKO rd 2, 4:01

Featherweight Bout:  Josh Grispi (11-1) Vs. Micah Miller (11-1)

A battle between to 6 ft 145ers.  Which means they can't fight anyone at Lightweight and above because they would get destroyed.

However, they start and Grispi buckles Miller with an inside leg kick.  He's quickly back up.

Grispi continues with leg kicks until Miller moves in to strike.  Josh connects with a right hook that lands behind Miller's ear and DROPS him to the crowd's roar.

Grispi pounces and throws a few punches and Herb Dean stops it.

Micah didn't know the fight was stopped as he stands there with a confused look on his face as Dean reinforces the decision.  It was kind of funny.

Live, the stop looked warranted.  After seeing the replay it could've gone either way.

Grispi is one guy I'd love for Urijah to absolutely dismantle and make him run back to his Mommy in tears.

Winner:  A 19 year old most people will hate because he seems like an arrogant prick, Josh Grispi (12-1) by TKO rd 1, 0:50

It's time for the Main Event...

WEC Welterweight Championship:  Carlos Condit (22-4) Vs. Hiromitsu Miura (9-4)

Condit sporting a beard for this one.  Intros and the fight begins...

Both men circle as the crowd starts chanting for the "Natural Born Killer."

Nice exchange as Miura connects wiht a right hook. They both let some punches fly and move away.

Condit attempts a high knee but Miura, versed in Judo, comes up with a GINORMOUS Judo throw.  Hiro has side control but Condit gets up.

Miura sweeps him and down goes the champ again but bounces right back up.

Condit connects with a body kick followed by a right that drops Miura!  He jumps on him and unleashes elbows as Miura is trying to tie up the arms of Carlos.

Both men on the ground as Condit is close to securing the "beat down" position.  He transitions into an armbar similar to the one used on Brock Larson.  Miura is able to slip out of it and stand back up.

Another Judo throw by the "Last Samurai" as the round comes to an end.

Mir adds, "this may be the best display of Judo we've ever seen in the WEC."

I have to agree, these throws are crazy and Miura isn't doing it to some slouch...it's Carlos Condit!

The round was extremely close but I'd give it to Condit 10-9.

Round 2

Hands are flying to start the second.  Condit adding some leg kicks along with them.  Miura slips and Carlos gets on top in closed guard.

Hiro eats some elbows.  Up-kick from Miura connects as Condit comes back down and passes the butterfly guard. He transitions into a full mount and rains down some elbows.  Hiro gives up his back as the two squirm for position.

Armbar attempt is very close as Miura's strength allows him to escape.  Now Hiro is in Condit's guard.  The ref stands them back up.

Condit takes advantage of a missed Judo throw by Miura and gets top position as the round ends.

Great heart from Hiro here as he was in some compromising positions in this round and very close to getting sucked into an armbar that could have stopped the fight.

Condit takes this round 10-9.

Round 3

Great battle thus far.

Condit gets caught with a right to start out the round and goes for the shoot.  He jumps up for the back and both fighters go to the ground. 

Condit slides Miura into a guillotine, similar to Jake Shields when he won his title, but Hiro slips out and gives up the mount to Carlos.

Both men are starting to show signs of fatigue.

Typical Condit now.  Elbows and punches continue to come down on Miura.  Hip explosion by Hiro reverses position and he starts pounding away on Carlos.

Condit is eating punches against the cage as he tries to stand up.  Carlos regroups back up and gets caught with a left and right hook from Miura. A big knee from Condit as Miura goes down to shoot in.

Carlos in side control and goes for the back.  He transitions into the mount and does his work.  The "Last Samurai" is living up to his name as his heart is on full display here as he tries to stay alive.

Miura gives up his back as Condit goes for a rear naked choke as the round is coming to an end. Carlos is close to sinking it in but Hiro is able to fight him off for the final minute to force a fourth round.

A very exciting round, 10-9 Condit.

Round 4

Both fighters are exhausted as they come out for the fourth.  Miura lands a great right hand that stumbles Condit a bit.  He follows up with a few more shots and the champ is on the defensive and in trouble!

Condit gets taken down and Miura lets loose with hammer-fists.  Carlos reverses his hips and is able to stand and push Hiro to the cage.

Miura goes for a guillotine but it seems to just temporarily hold Condit at bay. Hiro then rolls it over and Carlos goes for a unsuccessful knee-bar.

Condit maneuvers into a mount.  Miura, once again, reverses it with his hips and let's a flurry loose that's doing the most damage he's done so far.

This round is Miura's at this point.

Hiro stands up and misses with a straight right.  Condit counters with a knee that lands on Miura's chin and he falls on his stomach! 

Carlos gets side position and uses hammer-fists and short strikes before the ref steps in and stops the fight!

Both guys reached their limits here.  They are both purely exhausted.

Easily the fight of the night and the first time I've seen Carlos Condit tested.  And he passed this test impressively.

Condit said, "This was a very very tough fight and I think I walk away from this a better fighter mentally, physically, and spiritually."

He dedicated the fight to his grandmother who passed earlier in the week.  I'm sure she would've been proud.  This was a war!  Much respect to both fighters as they delivered for all the fans in tonight's Main Event.

Winner: And STILL WEC Welterweight Champion, Carlos Condit (23-4) by TKO rd 4, 4:43

That did it from The Joint: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino as WEC delivered a stellar show with a great MMA clinic in the Main Event, a stand up war between Stann and Cantwell, and proof that Jamie Varner could be one of the best least talked about fighters at 155.

This show would not dissapoint any MMA fan or the casual one as there were some quick knockouts that would appeal to that partuicular fan base.  

Three title matches equalled all good fights and one for the WEC record books!

There was also proof that the WEC has, at least, one fighter in the upper echelon of the world in his weight class. 

You may know him as the "Natural Born Killer!"







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