Nexus of IWC: Best Rookie Writers

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 18, 2010

Nexus of IWC: Best Rookie Writers

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    Call me crazy but I have been observing the wave of the writers in the IWC. These guys (including myself) have crafted articles and slideshows better than some of the Original Writers on here.

    No disrespect to the Veterans but I have created this slideshow to display some of these new writers who have the potential to become some of the most well-known on the B/R, and what better group to compare them to besides the Nexus, perhaps the fastest rising entity in the WWE.

    This is strictly for fun and no disrespect towards anyone!!

John CobbCorn

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    John is a powerhouse like Skip Sheffield himself. The Guy has four articles and over 3,000 views already! The guy obviously has the potential and deserves to be here.

    I would be a fool to leave him out of this slide. His latest slide is already a classic and I agree with everyone he has listed on it. 

    Don't take my opinion; read it yourself.

Marc Mattalianos

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    I rank Marc as Michael Tarver because he says what he wants and like Tarver's fist his articles are a KNOCKOUT.

    Out of everyone on this list I enjoy this guy's the most because instead of doing regular articles about the kayfabe world of WWE, he tells about the real events outside WWE and their effect on everyone else.

    He also is the first guy I've seen talk about the danger of being inside the squared circle.

    Check out his latest article.

Michael Malnicof

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    Mike is David Otunga because he has all the right moves and ability but some believe he doesn't execute them enough to catch the eye of the readers.

    Mike's latest article was a "thing of beauty" in my eyes but like the real Nexus, I believed was overlooked by many of the readers because of the glamor of articles by older writers

    So he definitely deserves a place on this list. Keep up the good work.

    Check out his latest.

Andrew Incarnadine

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    This guy, like Heath Slater, takes all the criticism in the world and responds to it positively.

    I remember before Heath was eliminated, Otunga, Gabriel, and Barrett himself all criticized his performance in the ring.

    This guy is a comedic genius, his last slideshow kept me laughing for about 25 minutes straight, it was AWESOME.

    Once again read it for yourself, don't take my opinion.

John Crow Jr.

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    John is Justin Gabriel because you never really notice him, until he hits that big move and your all left wondering, "wow", "how did he do that?"

    He has the creativity to become a top writer on the B/R but people never really give his articles a chance.

    But John tells you how it is and doesn't back down for what he stands for.

    Read his latest slideshow; it won't disappoint.

Patrick J

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    Yes, I know what you're thinking. This guy has got to be the cockiest S.O.B. on the B/R.

    But if you payed attention to my accomplishments lately you would know I wrote my first article a week ago. It was lackluster and only received 200 reads.

    I regrouped and wrote again Sunday. It's Tuesday and I have received over 9,000 article reads since then. Like Wade Barrett, I made an instant impact and you have to take notice. I got a few pointers for A.M. 

    Read my latest article.