Nexus: The Heat Is Still On

Gabe MamboContributor IIIAugust 17, 2010

The unthinkable happened at Summerslam. The Nexus lost.

The wrestling stable of youth was arguably the hottest thing in the wrestling industry this year. No group has made more noise than The Nexus.

Their hostility towards members of the WWE Universe was captivating. They've attacked people from the middle of the pack to the pinnacle of the promotion itself. In short, they scared the WWE.

And then, on Sunday evening, it all came tumbling down. The Nexus lost.

People were expecting Wade Barrett's stable to win against "Cena's Army," a group of established wrestlers that represented the last stand for the WWE.

If The Nexus defeated a group led by the company's top star, then that would be it. The WWE would be theirs forever.

But that didn't happen. The Nexus lost.

And so, their momentum collapsed like a house of cards. The impact they made on the WWE vanished.

Or so it seemed.

The next day, the WWE creative staff showed that the Nexus is far from over. If anything, their run in the WWE is only beginning.

The Nexus was given a greater challenge than the one they failed to answer the night before. On Monday Night Raw, each member of the stable had to fight to retain their respective memberships. Their opponents would be members of the team that defeated them.

Wade Barrett defeated Chris Jericho. Luck wasn't on the side of Nexus's ambitious leader. It was all skill for him.

Michael Tarver endured the wrath of a returning Daniel Bryan. He has the wrath of another to thank for his roll-up pinThe Miz.

Justin Gabriel had to thank his lucky stars as well. Randy Orton didn't spare him from an RKO, but it came after a countout due to Sheamus interfering against the Viper.

David Otunga and Skip Sheffield established themselves as powerhouses against R-Truth and John Morrison.

Heath Slater outwitted Edge into losing by countout.

The only failure of the night was Darren Young, but even he had an excuse. He was fighting John Cena, the heart and soul of the WWE. He wasn't a huge loss anyway. He was the weak link.

The Nexus is far from done. Monday Night Raw was proof of that.

If the malicious assaults of the former NXT competitors were an announcement of their presence in the WWE, then what happens next is their establishment as a group.

The road that lies ahead will be paved with title shots and feuds for each member.

Wade Barrett is still waiting to fight for a world title on Pay-Per-View. Don't think he'll be ignored.

David Otunga and Skip Sheffield are future tag team championship contenders in my eyes. The Hart Dynasty may need to watch out.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater were on the receiving end of post-match attacks, but their place in the WWE is established as well. Perhaps they'll seek revenge against Orton and Edge?

Even the former Nexus members are in good standing. Daniel Bryan will likely enter a feud with The Miz to relieve him of the United States Championship.

Darren Young, on the other hand, is simply a work we have to wait for. At the very least, he should still be on the roster. There's no reason to release him after being part of a such a strong heel stable.

Many say that The Nexus's momentum has stopped, but I disagree. The heat is still on, and when it's all said and done, each member of the Nexus will taste moderate success.