Just Get Into the Endzone: The Different Ways to Score In Football

Zack Lessner@@ZLess1995Correspondent IIAugust 17, 2010

Anyone with football fever can just smell the start of the 2010/2011 season in the air.

Millions of Americans love this great sport, but it is not just because of the hard-nosed, tough playing involved in the game.

The great thing about football is the excitement that the scoring brings. No other sport offers all the different ways that a team can score than football does.

Yes there are three different scoring plays, (safety, field goal, and touchdown) but it's the different ways that they can happen that make it so intriguing.

Let's forget about the safety and field goal, but focus on the scoring play that counts the most.

The touchdown.

In no other sport can the main source of scoring offer so many different ways in which it can be done.

There are so many different ways in which a team can put the ball in the end zone for six.

Which side can push the pile harder on a goal line stand? Can the offense force enough power to muster the ball across the goal line?

A receiver or running back breaks free and trots his way into the end zone doing a cocky touchdown celebration.

A kick or punt is fielded far away from the final destination. Through a series of jukes and spins, the returner takes one to the house.

A cornerback jumps a route for an easy pick-6.

There is a scramble for the ball but when the dust clears, the defense gets the good bounce and is running it back.

The quarterback drops back and finds his man who makes a toe-tapping grab in the side or back of the end zone.

A tight end runs a good route and catches a bullet in the middle of the end zone which had flown through many different outstretched arms to land in its final destination.

Someone is hot on the running back's heels and trips him up only to see that the outstretched arm with the football has landed across the goal line. The only thing that makes it worse for the defender is to watch the running back dunk to ball up right between the uprights.

The ball is thrown and caught just short of the end zone. The receiver needs to lean and fall towards the line before the defender gives him a heavy blow in the opposite direction.

The QB is running and about to be pushed out of bounds when he dives and hits the pyline over for the score.

A team is in desperation and calls for a Hail Mary. The ball is thrown up and there is a jump ball in the end zone.

It's the last play of the game and the team needs to score. Can a whole lot of blocking, luck, and laterals of the ball save the game?

Well, you get the point. Football excites and comes at you in so many ways. A different scoring play may happen at every score.

You never know what you are going to get.

And when the score happens, there are many different touchdown dances to take note of…