Is The IWC a Little Too Hard On Pro Wrestlers?

L. KeithContributor IIAugust 17, 2010

Hello B/R. I am writing this article, not to bash anyone, but to merely try and point something out to wrestling fans. Wrestling is, actually, a form of martial arts. The word wrestling, is an old english word that is defined as hand-to-hand combat. Today, wrestling has become a form of entertainment, that many of here on B/R(including myself) watch and comment on an a day to day basis. WWE and TNA are the 2 big promotions, while smaller promotions, like ROH, CZW, CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA and other small promotions provide wrestling fans with entertainment, but not on a grand scale like the other 2. Some of the articles written are humorous, while others are harsh and very critical. My good friend, Iam D Real Deal and I were commenting back and forth about one of my articles that I written and he asked me a really interesting question. He asked, "why do so many people talk so much trash about the wrestlers?"

That got me to thinking, Why do we talk so much trash about a professional wrestlers? We all have our favorites and we all have the ones we love to hate(example: The Kingly One HATES The Miz!) But even if we don't like these particular wrestlers, do they deserve to be belittled from behind a keyboard? A little about me, I wrestled in high school and was pretty good. I wrestled at heavyweight and I hold the second fastest pin in my schools history(15 seconds). I also boxed in 2 Golden Gloves Tournaments and I am in the military and trained in hand-to-hand military combat. Why am I telling you this? To brag about myself, of course. Just kidding. I'm saying this because it takes alot of courage, heart, and training to do what I do, so imagine what a professional wrestler must go through to even make it on a roster as a jobber.

Wrestling, even at the lowest level, takes a tremendous amount of dedication. You train for hours, just to perform for a few minutes. An amateur wrestling match is 3 periods, 2 minutes long. Doesn't seem like much, until that other person is trying to gain position and you have to react, not think, just react to what the opponent is doing. A professional wrestler has to learn the basics, like take a bump. Then a script, and most importantly, how not to hurt the person they are working with.

It's easy for us as fans to sit and watch, then talk poorly about what we saw, but truthfully, could anyone of us do any better? I couldn't! That's why I'm not a wrestler. To perform in front of hundreds of people, is nerve racking. To perform in front of thousands in attendance and maybe millions on tv, that must send chills up and down those men and women spines and butterflies all through their stomachs. I mean ask yourself, truthfully, could you step in a ring, in front of thousands of people, in tights and boots, cut a good promo and then go wrestle a botch free match? If the answer is yes, then what the hell are you doing writing articles on B/R?

Go and become better than Cena, Randy Orton, Bryan Danielson and the list goes on and on. Hell, prove that your better than Mark Henry, if you can. My point is, that these men and women do their best to entertain us. Some of the IWC are like the Romans of the Gladiator era, screaming and lusting for blood. Why? Don't these men and women give us all that they have just by climbing in that ring? I'll admit, that some do and some don't but they don't deserve to be ridiculed by so many of us on in the  IWC. Make no mistake about it. I am guilty of this myself. I talk poorly of one wrestler in particular. And his name is Rob Terry! To me, he is a waste of ALOT of space, but he is doing something, that I can't do, nor did I have a desire to do. Is he good at it? NO! But he is in that ring trying to entertain me and many others(even if he fails at it, he's still trying). These wrestlers do try to entertain and give us fans the very best that they have. I know this article won't change the minds of people, but at the very least, before we talk poorly about them, let's try to remember that they are real life people. Some of those men and women have husbands, wives and children. They leave their familes behind for nearly a year to entertain us, the fans. And some of these wrestlers have died in the name of entertainment.

I had to leave my family for a year, and believe me that isn't an easy task my friends. I dedicate this article to my good friend, Iam D Real Deal. He is a great writer, who inspired me to write this article. Thank You D Deal. Hope you enjoy the read and really think about what I'm saying in this article. All comments are welcomed. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank you.