A Warrior's Way: Can Kaval Rise Up The WWE Ranks?

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 17, 2010

With all the hype surrounding indies star Bryan Danielson in the past two days, one question has lingered in my mind. Can Kaval impact the WWE like Danielson, and if so, could there be another little-man in the main event?

With all the matches below average and usually ending before the four minute mark, Kaval is the only reason I tune in on Tuesday nights. His time on the show has drawn comparisons to Danielson's time on NXT, Season One. Kaval (like Danielson) barely wins matches and came in at No. one in the first pro's poll. He also has the worst pros on the show, LayCool, who ridicules him by making him wear a hideous pink sweater.  Danielson received similar treatment from his pro, The Miz.

While the guy is undoubtedly over with the fans, the question remains, can Kaval impact the WWE like Danielson?

From the moment he signed with the WWE in early 2009, many thought he was going to be a suitable replacement for Rey Mysterio. Though Danielson definitely edges Kaval out in the technical department, when it comes to speed, Kaval takes the cake in high flying maneuvers.

He may have been temporarily replaced at the top by Michael McGillicutty (due to creative once again jobbing talented wrestlers), but the future is bright for this guy. With Rey Mysterio plagued by injuries over the last couple of years, and his month long World Title reign, many feel smaller guys like Kaval, Bourne, and Danielson wont become main-eventers. 

I also gave up hope when creative ended Evan Bourne's push. But with Danielson's AWESOME showing Sunday night and the fact that WWE replaced him with the guy Vince calls the next face of the WWE, there might be hope yet for these underutilized Superstars.

This is what I hope WWE has in store for the Warrior: winning NXT season 2. He does NOT join the Nexus, starts off on Smackdown, uses his title shot at a ppv, loses but has a strong showing in the match, and goes after the Intercontinental title. Another alternative is to have him feud with Rey Mysterio. 

With his popularity undoubtedly rising dramatically over the past couple weeks, I believe this guy can definitely become a main-eventer. 

But it's all up to the WWE Creative, who would rather continue the reign of SuperCena than establish these new guys as legitimate WWE Superstars.