WWE's Matt Hardy To Take Time Off, Proving WWE Cares About Talent

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 17, 2010

WWE SmackDown's Matt Hardy has gone through a lot over the past few months. Heck, for over a year now he has gone through a ton. You add his injuries and family trouble into play, and the man is a trooper for being able to persevere. For that, I'm sure Hardy fans are proud.

Hardy is a noted social networking wizard, he has a Twitter account and MySpace. He also has a Facebook account which is said to be under a false name, as many WWE performers do nowadays. Some have been wondering what would happen after his "kayfabe" injury on SmackDown last week, in which Hardy had his ankle smashed by the ring steps from one Drew McIntyre.

Hardy let us in on what would happen as a result of it via twitter.

"Thx 4 everyone who has been concerned about my foot being jammed between the steel steps," Hardy wrote. "It was bad-it felt like my foot was bein cut off. Didn't plan to take my boot off, but I had to immediately see how bad my foot was injured. Keep in mind, it bled thru my sock & ankle tape.

"I will most likely have to miss some ring time due to WWE's stringent health & wellness policies. I'm sorry if I do guys & gals."


Hardy has been in need of a break for a little while now. Last year, he experienced an up and down year because of injuries and I felt he came back too early.

The WWE has been adding more to their Health and Wellness Policy. To avoid performers having to turn to painkillers because of their workload, they have decided to give them time off when needed, especially those over 30 years old.

Edge (Adam Copeland) has even come out to say he may only have two years left in him as a result of the injuries he has sustained over the past decade.

Keep in mind, Edge has been in more TLC or ladder matches than anyone in WWE history. The Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff, are two and three. RVD would also be involved there as well, and look at what he's doing as of late: taking time off.

Matt has also been in Steel Cage matches, and we cannot forget the fact he has to wrestle normal matches about four to five times a week.

Adding in the average bump per night, the man takes over 100 bumps on that mat per week. Some bumps worse than others.

Now, some may say, well, he wanted to become a wrestler and these are the ups and downs of doing that. But lets keep in mind that Hardy has wrestled for well over a decade now, and is in his mid-30s. The man isn't a young guy in his 20s, just making his way into the WWE. He is a veteran and has been in this business longer than Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and John Cena_arguably the top three men in the WWE right now.


So, Hardy more than anyone deserves a break when he really needs it. Therefore...there should be no argument.

The one thing that makes me wonder about this break, is that the same man took out Hardy before when he sustained a head injury.

Wouldn't one think that a head injury would be worse than an ankle injury? I'm just saying.

Hardy has also been one to trick the WWE Universe before, so I cannot say that he will obviously be taking a break. We have to wait until this week's SmackDown to see if he is there.

But, if there is a man who needs this break right now, it's Hardy.

I'm also glad the WWE has started allowing talent to take time off when needed. But what do you think? Is the WWE now starting to do the right thing for it's talent? Also, do you think Hardy is really taking time off?