Bring Em Back: The Best Of The Best Euro-Continental Champions

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2010

 I was watching Monday Night Raw today and I saw that they unified the tag team champioships. As I saw this I thought back to other titles that were conjoined. There was the Undisputed Champion. We all remember Chris Jericho's rant about him winning that lasted forever, not saying he did not deserve it, but then I remembered a title that only four people have ever held. The Euro-Continental Title. Although with time I am sure we have all forgotten this so I thought I would go back and give credit to these wrestlers.

                                                             D'Lo Brown

 Back in the day I loved Brown. The way he walked down to the ring bobbing his head and he always swatted his nose with his thumb. I just thought he ruled. Beside me liking him he was also the first Euro-Continental Champion ever. It first started as he defeated Mideon for the European title. Just a few days later he faced Jeff Jarrett for the IC title. Obviously, he won becoming the first ever Euro-Continental Champion. He held the titles for a month before losing both of them.

                                                 Jeff Jarrett

 Jeff Jarrett may not have had to beat two wrestlers to become champ but he did it none the less. During SummerSlam in 1999 Jarrett faced D'Lo for both the titles. He won the match becomming the second Euro-Continental Champion. The titles were split up once again after Jeff's reign.

                                                   Kurt Angle

  Angle got the shaft hardcore after he became the third Euro-Continental champion. To get it Kurt first beat Val Venus for the European title. Next at No-Way Out he beat Chris Jericho for the IC belt. The way he lost it kind of sucked for him. A triple-threat match at Wrestlemania in 2000 between himself, Chris Benoit(R.I.P), and Chris Jericho. It was a two fall match for each title. The first one was for the IC title when Benoit beat Jericho. The next was for the European belt as it switched when this time Jericho pinned Benoit. Thats gotta suck to not be pinned and lose both titles at the biggest stage of them all.

                                                Rob Van Dam? 

 I know WWE doesnt count this reign as the last Euro-Continental Champion but he deserves some credit. It started as RVD started as the IC champ. He then face Jeff Hardy in a title unification ladder match. RVD won the match but it was decieded that the European title would be abandoned. So it's up for grabs wheather you want to put RVD in this group but at least for the night he was so I do.