Packers Final Solution Should Be To Trade Rodgers

Joshua Skaar@@JoshSkaarCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2008

Brett Favre is back. Whether you like it or not, he'll be in Green Bay in less than 24 hours.

The assumed end to the "boo-yah" networks favorite soap, titled "The Favre Flip-Flops," appears to be over. The Packers released a statement claiming that Favre will be allowed to compete with Aaron Rodgers for the starting job throughout the rest of Training Camp.

This leaves a question or two still to be resolved:

Will Packers General Manager Ted Thompson trade away Favre?

Short and simple answer: No.

After all the drama, and finally allowing for competition at the starting Quarterback position if Favre wins he should start for the Packers, not be used as bait. Rodgers' inexperience and lack of fan approval could be his biggest downfall.

Although he has received accolades from "boo-yah" writer John Clayton, Rodgers has been part of a smear campaign through Sports Illustrated with a misquote of his viewpoint of the Packer-backers.

Expect Favre to be under center celebrating his 17th season as a Green Bay Packer rather than number 12 cheering for the unveiling of Favre's name on the Packers Ring of Fame in Lambeau during the Monday Night Football opener against Favre's supposed reason for wanting to unretire; the Minnesota Vikings.

What happens if/when Favre wins the starting job?

Favre's streak of consecutive games started at QB should remain in tact come Monday, September eighth.

But what will that do to Rodgers morale? Or-to a lesser extent- seventh-round pick Matt Flynn?

One way or another one of these guys will not be on the Packers roster come August 30, but whom?

The logical choice to cut ties with would be the late round rookie in Flynn. But with his apparent up side (he's competing with second-round choice Brian Brohm-as of last week-for the back up spot,) cutting him may not be the wisest choice.

Rodgers is only under contract for two more seasons, and with Favre's almost inevitable return to the first-string, where does that leave poor Rodgers? Probably spurned and extremely ticked off at Packers management, meaning he more than likely would/will not resign with the Pack once he completes his fifth year in the league.

Either way the Packers go with their final roster, they have basically wasted a draft choice. Be it their first-round choice back in 2005. Or one of their seventh-rounders in Matt Flynn. So what to do with a suddenly crowded QB position?

Simple; trade Rodgers to a team looking to rebuild.

Rodgers, if displayed properly throughout the preseason, could fetch as high as a third or fourth round draft choice. He is an unproven talent and was passed up by 24 other teams in the 2005 draft before the Packers picked up the almost first overall draft pick. His potential with the grooming he has received with the Packers coaches and the pseudo-mentoring of Brett Favre over the last three years should help remove some of the doubts created of him being a product of offensive system at Cal.

Trading away Rodgers is the most prudent investment the Packers can make in their future. It gives them at least one year to groom a younger, Brian Brohm or Matt Flynn to become the new heir-apparent. This also gives Rodgers a chance to prove if he belongs in the NFL with another team, probably the Jets, Bucs, or possibly even the team that passed him up three years ago; the 49ers.

Leaving the Packers to groom younger talent in Brian Brohm-a player who could have come out of college a year earlier and would have been the first overall pick- who could have a brighter future in Green Bay than Rodgers ever could have had.

The final play for the Packers? Trade away Rodgers and create a new "plan of the future" with keeping Favre as long as he wants to play and expect Brohm to be the new heir-apparent.