Darrelle Revis: Can the Eagles Give the Jets An Offer Too Good To Refuse?

WesAnalyst IAugust 16, 2010

Revis and Asante?
Revis and Asante?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


The NFL preseason does weird things to your brain.

So far it has caused Al Davis to compare Jason Campbell to two-time Super Bowl champion Jim Plunkett, the media to believe Brett Favre was officially retiring, and Cleveland Browns fans to think they have a quality quarterback in Jake Delhomme.

It's scary.

Especially the Delhomme thing.

Well if those thoughts floated around then maybe I should not feel so foolish about the words I am about to type: The Philadelphia Eagles should find out what it would take for the New York Jets to part ways with Darrelle Revis.

Look, I'm not saying the Eagles should bend over backwards to acquire the First-Team All Pro. All I'm saying is that Eagles President Joe Banner, General Manager Howie Roseman, and Head Coach Andy Reid, who also doubles as Executive Vice President of Football Operations, should contact Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and find out what New York wants in return for Revis.

The Jets basically have Revis by the family jewels due to the way his contract is structured, so from their perspective it really doesn't make much sense to trade Revis.

But who knows? Maybe we are led to believe the Jets won't part ways with the First-Team All Pro when in fact they are willing to ship him out if the price is right.


There are even conflicting stories from Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson about the status of trading Revis. In a story from ProFootballTalk.com, Gregg Rosenthal mentioned a couple examples of the differing views held by the two men.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to find out what the Jets want. And in all honesty, the Eagles would probably have everything to get the deal done: a replacement corner, draft picks, and possibly an offensive lineman.

The sticking points would be the draft pick and coughing up the dough to keep Revis here. Most Eagles fans will say Banner never spends money, and I would highly disagree. The Eagles have routinely sought some of the biggest names in free agency every year. That debate can be saved for another day.

Trading draft picks on the other hand? Well that might not fly too well in Philly.

Again though, I'm not saying you have to do it. I am only asking for Banner, Roseman, and Reid to look into acquiring the two-time Pro Bowler who has only played three seasons in the NFL.