Brett Favre To Start For Green Bay Packers in 2008 & Here's "Proof "

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IAugust 3, 2008

When The Cat's Away, Mice Will Play


Aug. 3, 2008  -  Washington DC

Watching the continuous news-opera called "MisGuided Light," starring Aaron Rodgers, I happened across a “tip of the hand” from a Rodgers interview and then a Roger Goodell interview about Brett Favre’s fate; aside from today's breaking news that Favre will show up at camp on Monday, Aug. "4" at 1 PM, which disclosed that Brett would be welcomed back. 

What has not been offered yet, and has not been made clear is whether Brett will be welcomed to stay and play, which is where this article comes in.

The Aaron Rodgers and Roger Goodell interviews aired on ESPNNews (Air Dates: Aug. 1& 2, ‘08). I researched the information for third-party verification to what I had just recorded, and sure enough, it was there.   

Indications came from three sources about Favre’s fate; during an Aug. 2 Roger Goodell interview(aired in its entirety on ESPNNews Aug 2 and 3), during an Aaron Rodgers interview and before both, during an interview with close Favre friend and veteran wide-receiver, Donald Driver, who actually talked to Brett and all revealed Favre’s fate.

While in Buffalo, Roger Goodell said of the so-called “bribe” of $20 million offered Favre that, “it was a personal decision for Favre to make and a business decision by the Packers to offer.” 

He showed his confidence in Favre's ability and more insight saying that it boils down to “whether or not Brett wants to play. He’s a great player and having him on your roster makes you a better football team.” 

Realizing the strife that the off-season media circus and its reporting was causing fans, Goodell made clear the Brett Favre had asked Goodell to help guide him during the negotiation process with Green Bay, and then said that he would "reinstate Favre no later than Monday," forcing the issue towards resolution once and for all.

As early as July 31, Favre said his, “intent was to play,” and, “that is where I am.”  Putting the two pieces of information together, and that Goodell is in close contact with Green Bay management; along with the Aug. 3 news that Favre is considering to reject Mark Murphy’s $20 million “grease”, one clearly can see that Favre will at least play.

Having researched what the in-house insight offered, there’s further verification regarding Favre’s future. Albeit buried at the end of the article and modified by the interviewer, Aaron Rodgers told us what will” happen regarding Brett Favre and Green Bay.   

Aaron was asked by interview-modifier, Tom Curran of MSNBC Sports, what would happen if Favre reported as early as this weekend?

Rodgers answered and made Green Bay’s intentions clear saying, "When the decision finally comes down (“I think”—as inserted by Tom Curran) we will be able to bring him in and move forward together."

After picking up and running with the news scooped here, by the Bleacher Report, Tom Curran also reported that Ari Fleischer, former Presidential Press Secretary turned media relations professional and founder of Ari Fleischer Sport’s Communications, had just left the team on Friday, Aug. 1; after prepping the team on media relations.  

Fleischer had just appeared in recent months about Roger Clemens' apparent perjury trap, saying that, “In largely covered issues, honesty is always the best policy.”   

Ari would not suggest anyone say, “When the decision comes down, we will welcome Favre back”, unless the Pack had made the decision already.

So, bam folks, there it is. They are apparently waiting for the decision to be formerly announced after finalization so that they can welcome No. 4 back and move forward.

After talking to Brett the week prior, Fox Sports broke that Donald Driver said, on July 30,

"He's a legend.  It is just like if anybody else walked in here, and wanted to come back and play (which Favre does), then you “have to” welcome him back in. You take your hat off to him. He's one of the greatest players in Packers history, as well as the NFL."

Coupling this fact with what premiere Packer players and Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy, have just said this past week, and after having been briefed on July 30 by the media-relations professional, then one would have to deduce that Favre will be on the Packers this season, unless Ari told them to be dishonest, which isn't likely.

Trading Favre will never happen or it would have been done already, and Thompson would have never suggested that Favre would be "placed on the Packers' active roster only, but he had to filed for reinstatement first."

If Favre wasn't important to the Packers' management, then they would have never offered the cash and 10-year marketing deal to him. The fact is that Favre is the franchise's face and cannot be replaced that easily. He is too important, which may be the reason for ownership to want and "farce" him out.

Unless Thompson lied about it, the fans can expect to see Favre wear the Green and Gold made so famous by Vince Lombardi, who never minced words or misled the Packers' fans. 

To further illustrate that management has had a long-term plan about Favreand how to handle his decision to maybe retire during this off-season, Mike McCarthy gave an on-the-field interview during the same ESPNNEWS airing Aug. 1, and offered this piece of critical information, saying, “The ($20 Million) offer to Favre has been on the table for months. I first heard about it during his retirement speech.”

Brett indicated in that speech to all that he “could still play and knew that, but just wasn’t 100 percent committed,” so why wasn't the $20 million offered and made public then to bring it to a pleasant resolution? 

Is it because management wanted an "ace up their sleeve" to take advantage when they knew Favre would change his mind and want to come back? 

That emotional outbreak for a speech occurred last March, which is now four months ago. Leading back to Favre’s announcing that he would like to return, he gave the explanation to Fox News’, Greta Van Susteren, that McCarthy had been “rushing him” about his commitment level for weeks in an apparent attempt to force, or rush the issue. 

The Bleacher Report first broke that Favre had never filed official retirement documents weeks before he verified it “on the record,” and also questioned the motive for him to have to file for reinstatement when he was never technically retired to begin with.

Favre said that Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson were pressing him for a 100 percent commitment for weeks, leading up to the “March ESPN Retirement Special,” and indicated that Packers' management had not been honest with the fans regarding several points surrounding his retirement, especially about using a Packers' issued cell phone to talk it out with other members of the NFL. 

How would management know whom he called and when? Did they subpoena his phone records even though there is no legal case, or was it just an invasion of privacy? It seems more likely that they were speculating in hopes of making Favre look bad to fans. Instead, it backfired.

Management had a plan to handle Favre this past off-season, and the issue of Favre playing must have been fully covered by Green Bay management.  They had plans to "bribe" Favre as early as March per Mike McCarthy admitting that is when he found out about it, and they may have forced Brett's retirement to benefit themselves.

It certainly does not benefit the team by letting the better quarter back go, and it does no good to berate No. 4 in front of the fans, who, in the end, pay the bill.

Favre and his agent "Bus" Cook had not mentioned any offers "being on the table" before this past week and were obviously being widely covered in the media.

Something that is “on the table” means that it was placed on the table, or as better put,  “It was tabled by committee.”

Any one that has attended a board meeting would attest to the chairman of the board  (Mark Murphy-President) “tabling” an issue as outlined by Robert's Rule of Order, which simply is another way of saying that a vote occurred and the issue was agreed upon to be re-visited at a more appropriate time.  

Relative a "bribe to force Favre's retirement," there is never an appropriate time for that type discussion by committee, but McCarthy made clear that it was discussed and planned well in advance of ESPN "news broadcasters" announcing it.

It does not mean that Favre was offered this “bribe” four-and-a-half months ago; it means that the CMurphy brought to attention the reality of it being an option.  McCarthy gave us management's insight of its intention to force Favre to retire and turn his back on the records, the fans, and the Hall of Fame.

To support the thesis, Nancy Pelosi recently “tabled” the discussion on the U.S. Drilling for Oil on American Soil, and Congress held a revolt. The Speaker left with her loyalist, turned off the lights and the cameras, but the opposition, who wanted to at least discuss a way out of high gas prices, remained on the floor in protest, but to no avail. 

That “should” give the reader a firm grasp of the term “table” as used by any board whom votes on issues.

During the same interview, McCarthy went on to say that, “This is being handled by the front office and I am grateful. Whe...whe-n, uh; IF they agree, then we will welcome Brett back.” 

You have to love McCarthy because he let's slip the truth all the time with simple speech mistakes. On Aug. 3 coach McCarthy said, "Brett and I will have a conversation.  After the confirma-, confirma-, uh, conversation I will then talk to all the players and public about how we will mover forward."

All this added together means one thing: Favre will be the starter. They already told Rodgers that "there will be an open competition to see who starts," thus proving that their commitment was not a strong commitment at all., or that their word of an open competition was just another lie.

Rodgers is happy to have the opportunity to earn the position, if he can, away from No. 4. Guaranteed, Brett Favre will start this year, unless you really believe that Rodgers could have done better in the playoffs last year, which very few in history could have.

Favre will get to keep the records going, display his favor towards the NFL’s rich history of legends and has shown loyalty to Green Bay and its fans.

Green Bay fans have paid the price this past off-season, by the “disinformation” used by Packer management and in concert with mass media.

ESPN obviously makes its bread and butter (profits) from the league, whom they are in contract agreement with to air their games, provide their own livelihoods, and show the cheerleader-style highlight reel to show off the same players that they oppose when scandal strikes. 

ESPN wishes to keep certain scandals going because controversies increase its circulation, shock-journalism increases the parent company's profits, but only lessens their loyal market, which consist of real fans whom make no money, but spend a lot to support their teams and are the reason that the media makes its money in the end.

The ratings game in the media demands a higher price of advertising after all. Consider ESPN’s ratings during the Clemens scandal, which rated higher than the last World Series.

The Neilson rating system of recent sporting events is based on the people that chose to watch events like Congressional hearings, or the last year's NFL playoffs; where Favre took the Super Bowl Champions into, overtime which is something that even "the perfect Pats" couldn’t even do, but we have to believe that ESPN thinks that Rodgers can do better. 

During these events, like the Super Bowl, advertisers spend up to $20 million for one-minute spots and it is all based on the fans that "tune-in." They may soon decide to "tune-out" and link up to watch it on the Internet in the future and avoid making the media richer and hold them to account for their own indiscretions.

Seems clear to me that the media benefits from their league-relationships and could care less about remaining loyal to their customer base—the fans that may end up making them pay the price in the same manner that they have had to regarding off-season antics and how the media chooses to cover them.

For those more “fair-weather fans” that bought into Rodgers being better than Favre, and supported ESPN's promotion of Aaron, who still stink-it-up by saying Favre only got lucky last year because of the talent around him, and that he will go back to being an average QB:

Brett had 4,000+-yards passing last year, threw 28 TD passes last year, had a QB rating of 95+ last year, which is second only to Tom Brady (who has the most talent on his offense), and had the highest yards/ pass ratio of his career.

Good thing the Pack never listened to him about making real investments for improved talent. What happened to the “talent” that was around him last year that will force him to be so average this year?

If Green Bay is so talentless, then what will Rodgers do, who can barely make it out of practice? It is the same talent, and if the Pack is worried that they wasted draft picks on QBs, it is their own fault.

Why would they need two more QBs when they wanted to commit to Rodgers? Maybe Rodgers wouldn’t commit to them after this year. He is an unrestricted free agent starting next February.

If so committed, Green Bay could trade one of the younger QB draft picks anyhow—or maybe Rodgers will give them more “value,” because certainly making $12 million while riding pine is a waste.

With those kind of numbers, Aaron has to earn that job away anyhow, or he alone will have the reputation for ending the steak and the legend’s career without ever playing a whole game, which would not reflect kindly on his own market value.

It is sad, but true.

______________Update on August 6, just before Midnight_____________________

   Announced August 6, 2008 - Favre has been traded to the NY Jets.  New York has a massive void in their market with the departure of Strayhan (Giant's Ex-Captain) and Jeremy Shockey (Giant All Time Best TE), so the city who relies heavily on heros, especially since 9.11, now turn to Favre to lift them up and give them the optimism that Pack fans have enjoyed for 16 long years. 

   As for the predictions that Green Bay will be better than the Jets - search out when the last star who won a Bowl for Green Bay was forced out of his normal postion.  It is Vince Lombardi, who had the Head Coach position and was the General Manager, but was forced to the front office alone.  

    Vince Lombardi earned Green Bay 2 Super Bowl Championships, but after Lombardi fulfilled his "office duties" for one year, he then went back to his passion and became the Head Coach once again, but not in Green Bay.  He retired a Washington Red Skin.

    If you actually believe that Favre was not good becuase of 2006 ad 2007, then ask yourself what changed in 2007.  They added talent that Favre could finally shine with and shine he did.  He put on a clinic with surrounding talent last year, especially in the Play Offs.

   If you think that Rodgers is the future, then ask yourself where Aaron will be after this year, when he becomes a Free Agent.  Do you think he will stay in a place that will come to despise him, who already chant "We Want Brett?"

    Good luck in Pack-Land to all the Pack-Fans, but take it one game at a time to ease your frustrations. 

   Of course New York has a MEDIA that will hold the OWNERS to account for the continuous lies. 

    The NY media understands that the massive FAN BASE butters their bread AND not owners, of course NY is a country within a state too, so ESPN has to remain beholden to other smaller market teams and their ownership.  

       In NY it is all about the fans and not the owners.  Owners in NY call out players for performance and are not dishonest in public, especially every day.



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