Is There a Unification Title Match In the Divas' Future?

Christi LottCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010

Last night at WWE Summerslam, Melina defeated Alicia Fox to capture the Divas Championship. In the midst of celebrating the win, self-proclaimed "Co-Women's Champions" Michelle McCool and Layla came out to join in the moment. Melina didn't appreciate it, and in the midst of a brawl was taken down by Team LayCool. It seems to me that this could be the possible beginning of a Title Unification Match at the next pay per view, Night Of Champions. Here's my reasons why I think it should happen, and who the participants should be.

1.) The Divas Roster is thin. It's been obvious in the past year so far that the Divas Roster on both shows is seriously lacking in giving the crowds and fans any real entertainment/competition. The majority of the Divas are either too green, injured, not wrestling, or simply not over.

On RAW, the WWE attempted a big push in both Eve and Alicia Fox while Melina was out to no success, which completely explains the quick timing in which both became champions. Maryse seems to be the only solidly recognized heel, and she hasn't been wrestling much due to the push with Ted DiBiase. The WWE seems to be unwilling to give Gail Kim a real solid push as well, and with Natalya's place as valet/manager of The Hart Dynasty, she hasn't been pushed as a wrestler either.

Over on Smackdown, Mickie James' departure and Beth Phoenix's injury have put a halt to any good wrestling competition. Kelly Kelly's push didn't take have much successful results behind it, and the Divas on Smackdown have no storyline at this point.

With a unified title, a champion, as well as other Divas, can appear on both shows and get multi-show coverage and attention, which can do nothing but help the entire roster.

2.) The separate titles are meaningless. Let's face it, since the creation of the Divas Championship on Smackdown, it's still considered a pretty meaningless title. Being the Divas Champion has done nothing to really boost the importance of it nor the status of the one who carries it..i.e. the ECW Championship belt. The titles together puts focus on one person, one champion, because unlike the men, that's all the Divas can have going for them.

3.) The match for a unification title should be one on one, not a battle royal. The WWE has a tendency to want to show all the Divas at once, and in important matches, it's either a battle royal or a lumberjill match. This match should be neither. At this point, the match should be Melina vs. Layla(and ONLY Layla) and these two can turn it out. They've had a few good, solid matches on Smackdown and I believe they can deliver. The importance of it being one on one is simply that it needs to be one on one. It establishes the match itself as a  big deal, and shines a light on both participants.

The Divas title was fun, and the separation of the Divas was interesting, but now its time for it all to end. If the WWE wishes in any way to seriously establish these girls, then it's time to get serious. Unify the title and showcase the Divas in a completely new spotlight, with new feuds, new rivals, and new entertainment.