Sunday Summary: Cardinals Finally Play Well, Get Help From Cubs

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IAugust 3, 2008

Overall, this was definitely a fun week for Cardinal Nation. But before we get into the good stuff, I gotta say one thing.

I'm glad people have stopped bitching about the lack of deadline action by the Cardinals, but still I wish people would get off John Mozeliak's back. I will gladly debate anybody about Mozeliak, and why is has been a great GM so far.

The Cards are adding Carp and Wainwright, and for the last time, THIS IS NOT THEIR BEST CHANCE TO WIN. Does Tony La Russa want to manage an All-Star team for his last two seasons or so? No sh*t. But that doesn't mean it's in the teams best interests to throw away the future, regardless if YOU think it's overvalued right now.

Now, back to the show.

How about the Chris Carpenter start? How great was it to see Carp throwing off a mound again? It was the perfect scenario, because the Atlanta Braves have basically been turned into a Four-A team because of injuries. Plus, the Dodgers aren't exactly offensive juggernauts, so even after the Manny trade, Carp will get another start against a average at best offense.

As hesitant as I have been to say it, it looks like Ryan Ludwick is truly a stud. After his hitting barrage this week to move his average back over .300, I have no reason to believe he's not actually this good. That can be good and bad, because the Cards have a lot of young talent at the OF position, but too much talent is a great problem.

Izzy looked not terrible in his return to closer, so hey, I'm not complaining. If he can be decent, and hold on to about 75-80% of his chances, the Redbirds will have a shot. I think they need Adam Wainwright in the rotation.

Now, on to the negatives. Just beacuse we gotta keep it real and address this crap.

Joel Piñero sucks, and I take complete blame. Do you know why? Every one of the pitchers that I like, turns out to completely suck. This list includes Bud Smith, Jose Jimenez, Jason Marquis, and now Piñero. Did I mention my favorite pitcher used to be Rick Ankiel? Sorry guys.

And to add on to that, Matt Clement was released. I thought the Clement signing was good at the time, but it turns out he was far behind physically where he claimed to be during the offseason, and he never even through a pitch for the Redbirds.

How bad do all you Chris Duncan haters feel? You're all damned for eternity!

No, not really. But I have, and now feel even worse for the guys. Turns out he's been playing with an excruciating back condition for a while now, and that has definitely contributed to his downfall. At this point, I hope he can return as a lefty power threat, but the most important thing is for him to live a healthy life.

Not much to say about this week. It was pretty straightforward. The Birds beat up on a crappy Atlanta squad, and are fighting against a good Phils unit. This next week should provide a lot of insight into the Adam Wainwright situation, as he threw a painless "max effort" session on Saturday.

The team plays the Dodgers at home, which is a must-win series IMO. Carpenter and Lohse should be starting, and the bullpen will need to be rested against the Cubs for next weekends series.

Lastly, it's getting close to September call-ups, so this is a little list of prospects I'd like to see getting their hacks in with the big club before the season is over:

-Position players: Bryan Anderson (C) Colby Rasmus (OF), Jon Jay (OF), Darryl Jones (OF) David Freese (3B), Brett Wallace (3B), Brian Barden (SS), Jarrett Hoffpauir (2B)

-Pitchers: Clayton Mortensen, Jason Motte, Jess Todd, Fernando Salas, Luis Perdomo