The Psychology Of Lay-Cool (and How They Perfected Their Gimmick)

James ChiofaloContributor IAugust 16, 2010

All over the Internet I have been reading comments about Lay-Cool's latest stunt on Smackdown. Just in case you haven't read anything concerning it, or haven't seen it, I will explain it simply. They broke the titles in half, and didn't care about it. They bickered over who is the actual champion (aka Layla since she was the "pinner" of Phoenix) and while playing a game of tug-of-war with it, the title snapped in half.

Throughout the BR and other opinion based sites I have been going through, people have been acting quite negatively about this, which in itself is expected. A championship which has had so many great holders, is now being treated like trash. This is about as horrible as Alundra Blayze throwing her big woman's championship in the garbage on live TV...which didn't really cause much anger from the fans, now did it?

Now I am not comparing Lay-Cool to one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time (though McCool is one of the best female wrestlers now, and Layla is one of the most improved), but why do we not remember the travesty of throwing something so valuable in the garbage? After all Lay-Cool still values the belt (in someway). Throwing it in the garbage is completely disrespectful, more-so than breaking it in half and defending it like a true champion. But I digress a bit.

This will be about the psychology of Lay-Cool and how this belt incident is a part of it. Remember back to High School and such. Think about the bullies back then. There were the silent monsters, and the loud cocky jerks. The silent ones would only stare at you, and they get your lunch money. The loud mouthed jerks were the ones who would stand there and point at you laughing. They wouldn't stand for anyone being better than them, and thus they would use their victims "downfalls" against the victim. Whether it was their "weight problems", the way the victim was "smelly" or the fact that the victim always wore skirts and had no other clothes, the bully would use it. The worst part about it though, was the fact that these jerks would be in groups, agreeing with each other and chanting the same annoying chant over and over again.

Now lets look at the WWE. We have the big opposing heels, and then the loud mouth jerks. The monstrous heels like Kane is don't have to speak, and people wet their pants. The loud jerks like the Miz, and Jericho talk down to their victims. In the women's division though we don't have many clear cut villains. Sure Maryse is a hot, beautiful gold-digger, and Alicia is just hot, but their promos don't get much heat (if any at all). Then you come to Smackdown, with the real female mic workers. Lay-Cool. Their mic skills are quite amazing, and they are the loud mouth jerks. They're the girls in high school that you wanted to ask out but they were too good for you. They were the nose-raised beauties who separated their selves from the misfits like the "girl with weight issues" (Mickie James), the girl that smells bad (Smelly Kelly) and the skirtsy girl with no other clothes (Tiffany). Lay-Cool is high school come back, and guess what, they perfected the formula. How?

Well in TNA we have a group called the Beautiful People. Their gimmick? They're hot people that hate ugly people. That's it. Nothing more than that. Lay-Cool took that and brought it to a new level, becoming the real bullies. Becoming the people that you can hate. Albeit, the Beautiful People did get more heat, but with a building the size of the Impact Zone (compared to the size of the arenas WWE goes in), the sounds in the smaller space are a lot more noticeable than in a huge arena.

Moving on, Lay-Cool took another thing to the next level; friendship. Sure the BP were friends, but they didn't seem like a clique at all, just a bunch of good looking blondes. Lay-Cool (though a bit over-exaggerated) actually feel like a clique. They're the plastics from "Mean Girls". They are a clique, and they're proud of it (which helpfully leads to my last point). As a result of this clique-like behavior, they will never want to split it up, unless their egos would be at harm if they didn't.

This is why they wouldn't want to relinquish the title, and thus breaking it helped them out. They both keep the title. They're both happy. Plus, this shows their nonchalant attitude to the female wrestlers of the past. It shows their disrespect to what they may refer to a the "Old People" who fought for it. This is a part of them becoming like the brats that they want to be, and soon enough, these 2 egos will collide. When that happens, I WILL be waiting. And as for now Lay-Cool, bring on the insults because I will be watching.