Do the Chicago Bulls Know What They Are Doing? Because I Sure Don't

Joe WillettSenior Writer IAugust 3, 2008

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The Chicago Bulls are my team.  I have to admit that this is an article of me being very unsettled with what this team has been doing this off-season.

First, they are horrible at getting players signed in a timely manner.  They should have locked up Luol Deng and Ben Gordon at the beginning of last season or even before that.

Instead, they ended up having to wait until the off-season, and even then, they couldn't get a deal done in a timely manner.

They didn't sign Luol Deng until just a few days ago and he is now scheduled for about $11.8 million a year.  Sure, he deserves the money he got, but they couldn't have gotten this done quicker?

The 76ers were faster getting a player to leave the team he wanted to stay with. In fact, every team that had wanted a big name got their deals done faster.

The Bulls just waited and waited while being stubborn and trying to get these players on their terms.

Then they have Gordon, who remains to be signed.  According to Yahoo! Sports, the Bulls front office and Gordon are still off on their negotiations.  Gordon wants something in the $12 million range, where the Bulls have been offering between $8 million and $9 million a year.

They can't seem to come to a resolution. Gordon is getting antsy, and he is getting closer to leaving the Bulls for another NBA team or even to a European team.

Another thing the Bulls haven't been able to do is make a trade.  There haven't been any reports of the Bulls even being close to a trade.

When they picked Derrick Rose, they were expected to make some sort of trade.  They have Kirk Hinrich, Larry Hughes, Gordon, Rose, and Thabo Sefolosha.  They could easily deal some one or two of their guards for the inside presence that they have been lacking throughout the years.

Joakim Noah was a nice surprise. He could start for the Bulls at center or power forward, but they have no scoring threat in the middle.  Last season, Drew Gooden and Noah, the two players most likely to start this coming season, combined for 18.6 points a game.

Finally, the coaching situation really has me concerned.

They went after Phoenix Suns coach Mike D'Antoni, but failed to get a deal done, losing him to the Knicks.

They also were reportedly close to hiring former head coach Doug Collins.  The move would have brought back a good coach who had trouble in the playoffs, so the deal fell through and nothing happened.

So they went with Vinny Del Negro, who has never been a head coach for any team in his life.  Del Negro has spent time in the Suns front office, and also has been a radio-analyst, but he has never coached in the NBA.

So now we wait for the Bulls' next move.  Are they going to come to terms with Gordon?  Are they going to finally make a trade?  We don't know, and I'm not even sold that the Bulls know what they are doing.

I'm Joe W.

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