2008 Fantasy Football Bloggers Mock Draft Final Results

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IAugust 3, 2008

Here is another post to help you get those rusty, fantasy gears oiled and moving again. I have a quick little four-round mock draft for you to look over, to get an idea of how some fantasy savvy bloggers/writers and I value many of the top players.

The scoring format was based on a standard system, other than the fact that QBs will get six points per TD.

If you are wondering about my picks, they are in boldface lettering, and I will provide a little insight as to why I chose them below (your thoughts are encouraged).

Oh, and one more thing, make sure you stop by each of these blogs and add them to your reader or sign up for email updates—links to the sites are in the first round.

That way you will never, EVER miss even a morsel of fantasy football information from now until you are counting your first-place cash.

Check it out!


Round One

  1. Curveballs 4 Jesus: L. Tomlinson
  2. Sean McCall/Football Outsiders: A. Peterson
  3. Football Burrito: J. Addai
  4. Pancake Blocks: S. Jackson
  5. West Coast Nonsense: B. Westbrook
  6. Bruno Boys: T. Brady
  7. The Hazean: M. Barber
  8. Football Jabber: F. Gore
  9. Fantasy Football Fools: C. Portis
  10. Fantasy Football Geek Blog: M. Lynch
  11. Fantasy Football Goat: Larry Johnson
  12. Fantasy Football Librarian: Randy Moss

Round Two

  1. Fantasy Football Librarian: Reggie Wayne
  2. Fantasy Football Goat: Terrell Owens
  3. FF Geek Blog: Ryan Grant
  4. FF Fools: Braylon Edwards
  5. Jabber: Peyton Manning
  6. Hazean: Willis McGahee
  7. Bruno Boys: Brandon Jacobs
  8. West Coast Nonsense: Larry Fitzgerald
  9. Pancake Blocks: Andre Johnson
  10. Football Burrito: MJ Drew
  11. Sean McCall/Football Outsiders: L. Mauroney
  12. C4J: Drew Brees

Round Three

  1. Curveballs 4 Jesus: Jamal Lewis
  2. Sean McCall/Football Outsiders: Marques Colston
  3. Football Burrito Tony Romo
  4. Pancake Blocks: Chad Johnson
  5. West Coast Nonsense: T.J. Housh
  6. Bruno Boys: Steve Smith
  7. The Hazean: Brandon Marshall
  8. Football Jabber: Plaxico Burress
  9. Fantasy Football Fools: Edgerrin James
  10. Fantasy Football Geek Blog: Torry Holt
  11. Fantasy Football Goat: Santonio Holmes
  12. Fantasy Football Librarian: Reggie Brown

Round Four

  1. Fantasy Football Librarian: Ronnie Brown
  2. Fantasy Football Goat: Earnest Graham
  3. FF Geek Blog: Anquan Boldin
  4. FF Fools: Michael Turner
  5. Jabber: LenDale White
  6. Hazean: Carson Palmer
  7. Bruno: Darren McFadden
  8. West Coast Nonsense: Willie Parker
  9. Pancake Blocks: Jonathan Stewart
  10. Football Burrito: Wes Welker
  11. Sean McCall/Football Outsiders: N/A
  12. Curveballs 4 Jesus: N/A


My Round-One Choice

I was all over Marshawn Lynch until Matt and Brandon over at FFGeeksBlog wisely picked him just before me (props to them), which led me to take Larry Johnson.

I’m not crazy about taking him, considering the laundry list of question marks surrounding his supporting staff; the line, the QB, and experience in general. But he’s the best player on his team (equaling touches), an every-down back (rare these days), and has a schedule filled with “projected” weak run D’s.

Add to that the fact that you gotta think he’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder after a dismal 2007. I’ll take my chances.


My Round-Two Choice

I took T.O. The running back pool drops off right here, and I think I can get some decent value later. I was thinking QB, with six-points per TD, but again, I think there will be some value in the later rounds.

I am going to make sure I have a solid WR1 and take Terrell Owens before they get run on (long time 'til my next pick).


My Round-Three Choice

I was not that excited about any of the running backs, left and I think there is some good value at QB to be had in the later rounds. So, I am going to take Santonio Holmes.

He’s a No. 1 on a fairly pass-happy team, and he seems to get a little better every year. In my opinion, he is a very solid WR2 (arguably even a low-end WR1).


My Round-Four Choice

I took Ernest Graham. A potentially reduced workload with Warrick Dunn in town presents some risk, but he is a good value in round four. And I don’t think Cadillac will be a factor—at least until much later on in the season.

Bottom line, he's a very solid RB2, who runs behind a good offensive line and plays on a team that will run and play ball-control against an accommodating schedule.


Again, I invite any comments or questions you might have.

There you have it. I want to thank all the bloggers and writers that participated. And most importantly, I want to thank you for reading this.


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